Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky Flavor Packed With Fiery Heat. 2 Ounces Of Etsy's Hottest Jerky. Succulent, Sweet & Savory
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California Blazing Chile Farm ETSY's PUREST & HIGHEST QUALITY GHOST PEPPER BEEF JERKY! Welcome to the finest source of chilies & spices. These are 100% USA grown products from states such as New Mexico, Texas & California. We have been in this line of work since 1988 & look to providing you with the most superb of goods. 100% Organic Pure GHOST PEPPER aka Bhut Jolokia Fiery hot seasoned/marinaded Beef Jerky This listing is for our line of Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky. The various flavors have been tested by our own taste buds. & we are honored to bring this to market. We only serve/supply products which we consume ourselves & are proud of. Rest assured your satisfaction is IMPORTANT to us. Thank you for looking & if we are blessed to have your patronage I humbly thank you again. Flavors Available: Ghost Pepper & Black Pepper Jerky: This Jerky is savory, smokey & embodies the traditional sense of a fine black peppered jerky. The slow ample heat is met with a fine U.S.D.A. beef flavor that is a match made in heaven. Ghost Pepper BBQ Jerky: One of my favorite flavors with its sweetness & heat will sure to win over those who love barbecued meats. Ghost Pepper Teriyaki Jerky: This is a sweet & soy sauce based Jerky that will not only warm your tummy but put a smile on the intricate flavors that is profoundly expressed here. AK Oriental Ghost Pepper Jerky: This is my personal favorite as my sweetheart designed this flavor profile. I assure you that this will win you over. The delicate balance of sweetness, saltiness, aromatics & dare I say umami is incredible. Ghost Pepper Sriracha Jerky: One of our most popular products combined with Jerky is the most logical of creations. Strawberry Preserve Ghost Pepper Jerky: Strawberries & Beef...who knew it would synergize so well. Our methods of farming & nurturing these plants allows for the slow maturation of these divine potent peppers. Please don't be fooled by those who mix or dilute their products. We guarantee buyers that we hold rigorous guidelines of manufacturing & packaging to assure purity of our products. We package & mill our peppers upon order in efforts to maintain the freshest & most exemplary of products. The powder can be added to virtually any dish ranging from soups, chili's, dry rubs or anything your imagination can conjure up. The intense heat is delicious as well as invigorating. Consumption of chili have long been associated with the promotion of metabolic activity. WARNING Please take full caution when handling our products. The pepper is dangerous & will cause irritations. I advise trying smaller increments to register your tolerance level, however you can create amazing challenges. Challenges comparable to that of any SPICE competitions...Have fun but be careful. Package Availability: We offer heat sealed packages that ensures longevity of the product. They are available in 2 ounces, 4 ounces, 8 ounces, 1 pound & higher increments. Shipping: We aim to minimize cost to our customers so



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