White Bedstraw Herb 2Oz | 57G Organic Dried Bulk Tea, Galium Album Mill Herba /Available Qty From 2Oz-4lbs/
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ORGANIC Dried WHITE BEDSTRAW HERB CUT ( Galium album mill ). Medicinal Herbs are in use for thousand of years & are renowned for their effectiveness in many diseases. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF QUANTITY DISCOUNT: SHOP LINK : https://www.etsy.com/shop/GIFTfromNATURE?ref=hdr_shop_menu&search_query=WHITE+BEDSTRAW Weight: 4oz(113g) : 10.58$ Weight: 8oz(227g) : 17.16$ Weight: 1lb(454g) : 26.32$ Weight: 2lb(907g) : 42.64$ Weight: 4lb(1814g) : 71.28$ Listing Item Weight: 2oz (57g) Botanical name: Galium album Mill. Common Names: Cheese Rennet, Hedge Bedstraw, Yellow Bedstraw, Maids-hair Habitat: Yellow Bedstraw is abundant on dry banks, chiefly near the sea. Its small, bright yellow flowers are closely clustered together in dense panicles at the tops of the wiry, square, upright stems, which are I to 3 feet high, & bear numerous very narrow, almost thread-like leaves, placed six to eight together in whorls. The flowers are in bloom in July & August. Plant Description: Ladys Bedstraw is herbaceous, perennial plant, growing up to 1 meter tall. Leaves are rough-surfaced, about 1 to 3 cm long, borne in whorls of four to twelve around the stem nodes. Small yellow flowers are produced in dense clusters. Flowering occurs from June to August. The plant has the property of curdling milk, hence another of its popular names Cheese Rennet. It was called Cheese Renning in the sixteenth century, & Gerard says, the people of Thuscane do use it to turne their milks & the cheese, which they make of sheepes & goates milke, might be the sweeter & more pleasant to taste. The people in Cheshire especially about Nantwich, where the best cheese is made, do use it in their rennet, esteeming greatly of that cheese above other made without it. The rich colour of this cheese was probably originally derived from this plant, though it is now obtained from annatto. The Highlanders also made special use of Yellow Bedstraw to curdle milk & colour their cheese, & it has been used in Gloucestershire for the same purpose, either aloneor with the juice of the stinging-nettle. The name of this genus, Galium, from the Greek word gala, milk, is supposed to have been given from this property of the plants which is shared more or less by most of the group. Plant Part Used: Stem & Leaves. Country of origin : BULGARIA Helpful information for herbal use & Safety Statement can be found here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GiftFromNature/policy Our mission is to offer High-quality Organic Herbs & Spices at a fair price in customer-friendly quantities. Thanks to all our loyal & valued ETSY customers! We are committed to your full satisfaction! Please feel free to contact us with any comments. White Bedstraw Herb 2Oz | 57G Organic Dried Bulk Tea, Galium Album Mill Herba /Available Qty From 2Oz-4lbs/



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