Sigmund Freud "Your Mom" Themed Gift Wrap Sheets | Art & Teacher


Ladies & Gentleman, the father of "Your Mom" Jokes: Dr. Sigmund Freud, PhD. Celebrating the greats of Modernism, this gorgeous gift wrap features none other than Dr. Sigmund Freud. Famous for his pioneering thoughts in Psychoanalysis, the subconscious, & dream interpretation, his work has gone on to transform how we think & pursue the field of psychology. The pattern for this piece includes Freud's signature smirk, a parody on the "Art of Seduction" using Freud's familiar couch, & of course "Deine Mutter" ("Your Mom" in German). This paper serves as a fantastic accompaniment to any gift for history fans, those studying in the field of psychology, & for those who just love a good "your mom" joke. Each 20x30" sheet of amazing wrapping paper is printed on high-quality paper using GreenGuard ink. Ideally, it fits a 10x12x2" family-size cereal box. SPECS: ✦ 20x30" Sheet ✦ Printed on durable paper ✦ Two paper finishes (Matte, Satin) ✦ Printed using GreenGuard UL Certified inks ✦ Available in size 20'' x 30'' (76.2 x 50.8 cm) ✦ Made in the USA ✦ Recyclable Sigmund Freud "Your Mom" Themed Gift Wrap Sheets | Art & Teacher



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