Ukraine War Trophy, Khaki Tank Skin Keychain, Mens Paracord Gift For Him, Recycled Armor Steel Key Chain, Brutalist Ring


These Ukraine war trophies made of recycled pieces of Russian tanks are unique accessories that have already become a part of Ukrainian history! The lives of many Ukrainians changed drastically on February 24, when the war entered our homes. However, the resistance & bravery of the Ukrainian people have fully disrupted the ugly plans of invaders who bragged of "taking Kyiv in 3 days". 5 weeks of occupation of the Kyiv region were unspokenly bitter but people managed to fight the oppressor. After the withdrawal of Russian troops, our peaceful streets were filled with scattered pieces of Russian tanks, armored personnel carriers, helicopters, & other military equipment. We decided to use the recycled pieces of Russian tanks to create commemorative military keychains & preserve the memory of the immense cost of the victory Ukrainians are still paying. By doing so we contribute to our victory: part of the proceeds from the sale of these keychains for men will be allocated to the Ukrainian volunteer foundations. By purchasing one of these men's keychains you will both get a timeless symbol of freedom & help Ukraine. All Ukraine keychains are made of various parts of Russian tank armor & recycled in Ukraine. Not manufactured at factories producing military equipment. Size: 35 cm/ 1.22 inches Shape: Rectangular All keychains for men have a special paracord handle attached to the ring for comfortable wear. Benefit from the simplistic design & versatility of Ukraine war trophies! These can adorn anything from your car keys to your backpack, wallet, or cardholder. Come with an image of a particular type of Russian tank (APC) destroyed on the battlefield & an inscription "Original Piece of Russian Personal Carrier¨. All keychains for men are limited edition, so upon purchase, you will get your personal military keychain number. The other side of the military gift is provided with a QR code to the photos of actual tanks destroyed in the areas of Kyiv region in March of 2022. All Ukraine war trophies are provided with a paracord handle & a ring to be easily attached to your keys, backpacks, wallets, or cardholders. The paracord handle is a great option for your military gift as it is durable & will serve you for years to come. Any of these keychains for men made of remains of Russian tanks will become a great present to those loving history, the art of warfare, military people, or simply those who want to support Ukraine at heart. Such Ukraine keychains are unique & only will get more valuable with time as a timeless reminder of truly historical events! If you are looking for a cool men birthday gift, one of these Ukraine war trophies is a perfect choice! PACKAGING Your tank keychain will be delivered in a beautiful handmade wooden storage box with the inscription "Be Brave like Ukraine". CARE TIPS All men's keychains do not require any special care, however, avoid storing them in humid areas. Do not expose the paracord handle of the tank keychain to



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