3D Vortex, Illusion Rug, Neon Rug, Abstract Theme For Living Room Area Non Slip Floor Teen's Kids Rug


3D Vortex, illusion Rug,Neon Rug, Abstract Rug, Theme Rug, For Living Room Rug, Rug, Area Rug, Non Slip Floor Rug, Teen's Rug, Kids Room Rug rughouse34_1175 ➤ Decorative 3D Digital Printed rugs have a soft-feeling height on the Cotton Woven Base ➤ Our rugs are non-slip sole, cotton fabric woven. ➤ The thickness of our rug is 4-5 mm. ➤ You can wash it at 30 degrees in delicate washing programs without wringing. Rugs with hundreds of different models that will add color to your home, do not spill or smell. ➤Please contact us to see a photo of your family, a memory of you, the logo or name of your business, a character you admire on your rug. ➤ Our rugs are specially produced for you. ➤The edge (overlock) stitch colors of our rugs may differ according to the color of the rugs. ➤ The cotton non-slip sole can be in different patterns & colors depending on the weaving method, provided that it is a cotton woven non-slip sole. ➤ Since our rugs use digital printing technology at high temperatures, the dimensions of our rugs can vary between ± 1-2%. ➤ The sample colors you see may differ slightly from our samples due to the color calibration of your monitor. ➤ Material: Cotton, Microfiber polyester ➤ Your order will be produced as the model in the first room image. The second & subsequent images are intended to show the bottom base & structure of our rug. SHIPPING & DELIVERY ➤We send your orders via UPS Express Cargo, your rug will be delivered to you in 3 - 11 days. ➤ There may be delays from time to time due to address & customs conditions. SIZE INFORMATION ➤ The size (40 cm X 60 cm ) = ( 15.7 inch X 23.6 inch ) ( Mat Sze ) in my store is the smallest mat size. Please note that this is the mat size when ordering. 1.3 x 1.9 feet - 15.7 x 23.6 inches - 40 X 60 cm (Mat Size) 2.62 x 4.92 feet - 31.5 x 59 inches - 80 X 150 cm 3.28 x 4.92 feet - 39 x 59 inches - 100 X 150 cm 3.94 x 5.91 feet - 47 x 70.8 inches - 120 X 180 cm 4.6 x 6.56 feet - 55 x 78 inches - 140 X 200 cm 5.25 x 7.55 feet - 63 x 90.5 inches - 160 X 230 cm 5.91 x 9.19feet - 71 x 110 inches - 180 X 280 cm ✉ Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have. RETURN & EXCHANGE RULES We produce your orders specially for you. These rugs, which are specially produced for you, are delivered to the cargo after passing the quality control. Returns & exchanges are not accepted except for manufacturing faults. 3D Vortex, Illusion Rug, Neon Rug, Abstract Theme For Living Room Area Non Slip Floor Teen's Kids Rug



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