Wide Mouth Wooden Serving Spoon Kitchen Cooking Utensil Of Cherry Wood
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This is a wooden serving spoon with a nice large, deep bowl carved from Cherry wood. 13 1/2 inches long. 2 3/4 inches wide. Curved rimmed bowl set at an angle to the handle for functionality. Carved from hard, beautiful Cherry wood. The spoon shown is an example & the one you receive will vary a little in grain & color. Finished with beeswax & mineral oil. Care is easy, just hand wash with hot soapy water & towel dry. don't wash in the dishwasher or leave in the sink soaking for long periods. I've gotten into the habit of rinsing my spoons off right away because if you let food dry on them then they have to soak a long time to get clean. This goes a long way to making them last & keeping them beautiful. We recommend treating with our spoon oil & beeswax mixture or you can use olive oil or Walnut oil but these can get rancid with time. Cared for properly they will last for many years & I think they only grow more beautiful with use. I've got some that are 16 years old & I use them practically every day. You can make your own spoon oil by melting 3 parts mineral oil with one part beeswax in a double boiler. The proportions are not critical, just so it's soft enough to apply when cooled. Or, you can warm it up before applying. The added bonus is that beeswax is anti-microbial. Wide Mouth Wooden Serving Spoon Kitchen Cooking Utensil Of Cherry Wood



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