Ukrainian Dream Mriya, Post Stamp Ukraine


♡ This is 1 full sheet post stamps Ukrainian dream Mriya, original Ukrainian envelope, post cards Ukrainian dream Mriya & magnets (Limited collection)! ♡ ♡ The limited edition stamps collection is based on a drawing by an 11-year-old girl Sofia Kravchuk. ♡ There are 6 stamps on the sheet (Original U-series Stamp)! Sending - 1-3 days All items can be purchased as a complete set or as each item from set individually. Choose your set from drop-down menu. ♡ Delivery: by regular mail of Ukraine (15-30 business days). in the first days of the war, the pride of the Ukrainian aircraft industry, one of the largest & most powerful aircraft in the world, An-225 Mriya, was destroyed at the airport in the city of Gostomel. The aircraft was created in the late 1980s by the design bureau of the outstanding Ukrainian aircraft designer Oleg Antonov. This is the heaviest cargo plane ever to take to the air. It has no equal in terms of carrying capacity. You might also like our other Post stamp Ukraine ♡ There may be some color discrepancies which is due to the different monitor settings. If you have any questions, please hit the "Message Seller" button next to the price & I will get back to you within 24 hours. Ukrainian Dream Mriya, Post Stamp Ukraine



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