Field Of Dreams James Earl Jones Kevin Costner Ray Liotta Cast Signed Jersey
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Orders shipping outside of the USA if you do not want to wait over a month for delivery there will be an additional fee for shipping. The USPS global; shipping which we offer free of charge has been found to process orders very slow. But we can avoid this by using Fedex or DHL with a 7 day or less service. Just email me & I can adjust the price for the faster shipping. Field of Dreams James Earl Jones, Kevin Costner, Ray Liotta cast signed jerdey $799 or $1099 frame. If you want this option email me to adjust the price for you. This jersey is an authentic jersey just like the characters in the movie Field of Dreams War it has been signed by the complete cast my idea was to get this framed & display it however I never got around to it so I'm selling it for 10 cents on the dollar to tell you the truth. Signatures include Matt Damon, Frank Whaley, Gabby Hoffman, Ed Harris, Amy Madison, James Earl Jones Dwayne Brown who included with his signature "wanna have a catch", Ray Liotta, & Kevin Costner. I got this jersey signed over the course of many years & movie premieres & on site & movie filmings in the Greater Los Angeles area with the Jersey I will include the exact dates & locations of where each signature was obtained I'm able to do this because I got the jersey signed myself this is a one-of-a-kind Jersey so you will receive exactly what his picture here. Well I have been collecting signatures for more than 50 years & it has been a passion from earliest recollections from my whole lifetime. I am somewhat new to the internet world & particularly the unique dynamic which exists where the public judges you with their reviews. I can say over the last year it has been a marvelous experience & I have worked very hard to honor each & every order & each & every customers demands & requests & I feel as though my level of success speaks for itself. As they say the proof is in the pudding. However I learned recently that at times an individual can make false accusations & attempt to discredit your good standing without providing any factual information via the platform of reviews. When evaluating my track record please take this into consideration & recognize that I have no recourse when an individual decides to post something negative. Customer questions & answers Will I receive the exact item pictured here? Yes, my items are all one of kind obtained over 40 plus years of collecting signatures & come from my personal collection. How do I know the item is real? I obtained all the signatures which I am offering for sale personally or an agent of my company, a friend or family member whom I witnessed obtained the signature(s) in my presence. I will provide certification which provides precise details regarding date & location of where signature(s) were obtained. I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back ( with in 30 days of purchase ) Will you include signing photo if one is posted ? Yes, you will receive the original hard copy of the signing



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