Hear My Prayer Anglican Beads, Rosary, Protestant Beads
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These prayer beads are made up of a cross, an Invitatory Bead (to invite us into God's presence), four Cruciform beads (which form the shape of a cross), & four sets of seven Week Beads (seven symbolizes spiritual perfection & the seven days of creation). The total number of beads is 33, which reminds us of the number of years that Christ lived on earth. I have added an additional bead, called the Resurrection Bead, which represents Christ's resurrection & the good news that He still lives. It is between the Invitatory Bead & the bottom Cruciform Bead. The prayer beads serve as a framework to add whatever prayers you wish to repeat. The beads provide a tactile way to focus & create a connection to centering prayer. Week Beads - 6mm Blue Melon Glass Rounds Cruciform & Invitatory Beads - 8mm Blue Melon Glass Rounds Accent Beads - Bronze Spacer Beads Cross - Vintage Recast Bronze Length - 9 inches Inspiration: Psalm 17:6 "I call on You, my God, for You will answer me; turn your ear to me & hear my prayer." Your prayer beads come with a prayer card, open face box & organza bag for storage. Hear My Prayer Anglican Beads, Rosary, Protestant Beads



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