112 Doll House Miniature Beige Stripes Sofa Set, Miniature Living Room Furniture, Miniature Couch, Doll Accessories
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1:12 Doll House Miniature Beige Stripes Sofa Set,Miniature Living Room Furniture,Doll House Miniatures Decorations,Doll House Accessories ❤You will receive miniature sofa like the photos ❤Size:Single sofa:8.2 6.4 7.2 cm Double sofa : 13.5 6.4 7.2 cm Materials:Wood,Fabric ❤※Scale: 1 :12 ❤Pocket art Since pocket art is a specific technology for making doll houses, as a category of arts & crafts, it is related to the basic conditions that Pocket Art must follow ❤Material Generally, only a single material is used to make a model. The expected talent used in pocket art must be real materials or replacement materials that are close to the real object. Only the doll houses made by this standard can have realistic visual effects. Essence ❤Scale The basic concept is reduced by one feet as one inch, which is one -twelve of the real objects. in the United States, it is accustomed to a doll house with a reduced percentage of one -twelve of one -twelve -fi in the United States. At present, the mainstream of the world is one -twelve. The doll house produced in this proportion shows good realistic effects & visual aesthetics, & it can also show the characteristics of different materials. Of course, there are many artists who like to challenge one -twenty -four, 48th or even one -144ths. Although the super proportion of works are amazing at the technical level! However, because the material has its innate restrictions, the exquisite level is not as good as one -twelve -tenth works. ❤Features in the 1930s, many museums in the United States began to collect & show different times of building & indoor living room culture. So some people think of why the doll house that emphasizes real materials & a certain reduction ratio is used as a way to collect & display & study the architecture of the era. The doll house has become one of the contents of many museums. Among the many functions of doll houses, wealthy education is obvious. At the beginning of the birth of the doll house in Germany, in addition to the tools of showing off wealth & social status between nobles & gifts that were given to each other, significant functions were as tools for education. Especially to educate girls how to organize housework, although the princesses of these nobles will not need to handle housework in person after they marry the princes or princes of other nobles in the future, but at least they must understand the content & details to command the servants of the servants Used, it also eliminates doubts about being fooled by the Park people. ❤Background Another function of the doll house widely circulated in the people after the nineteenth century was to promote emotional communication between parent -child, because to complete a doll house that belongs to its own family, the whole family needs to mobilize. Dad is responsible for the planning & construction of the hardware. Moms & children take over the furnishings of the decoration & furniture accessories of the



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