stardew Valley Wood Tile Tray | Board Game Organizer Addon Custom Insert
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Stardew Valley wood tile tray | Board Game Organizer addon | Custom Board Game Insert | Stardew Valley | Stardew Valley Board Game Insert This is an addon to my existing Stardew Valley board game organizers & is compatible with both, these trays hold all of the Supply tiles normally held by plastic tile tray. This splits the tray into two parts & reduces the overall size. This is also compatable with the original orginization in the box along with the second printing. Form & function were goals with this product, Hand drawn recreations of some of the resources that belong in the trays are engraved on them to add a little flare to the product! Disclaimer: this does not include the board game itself or the organizer for the rest of the pieces in the game, this is only a replacement for the supply tile tray About: - two baltic birch plywood trays to hold all supply tiles. - All the trays fit in the box & will close perfectly after stored. - All spaces were precisely measured to fit the tiles. - trays can be stacked or placed under other organization however I encourage anyone with the Sleeved tray organizer to stack them next to it rather than under it because it does add a small out of height to the box if stack under. looking for organization for the rest of the game box? Check out our other products! for sleeved cards - for unsleeved cards - This product does not include the board game itself, It is an insert for the board game. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me. stardew Valley Wood Tile Tray | Board Game Organizer Addon Custom Insert



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