Natural Tattoo Balm, Vanilla Summer Coconut Scented, Conditioner, Organic Salve Body Lotion, Lotion
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This is a LIMITED, ExCLUSIVE tattoo brightener never before sold in the Lox grooming line. This VANILLA SUmmER COCONUT scented Unisex Lotion works great as a moisturizer for your arms, legs, hands, feet, ANYWHERE! Just like other organic Lox lotions, it also works great as a tattoo brightener, making your ink really pop! This limited product is both a tattoo conditioner & skin moisturizer, & it is useable by both men or women! What are LOx ExCLUSIVES, you ask? LOx ExCLUSIVES are a very limited line of products with unique scents never before seen that may never return! in the process of making high-quality grooming products, Lox is left with plenty of samples that we don't want to go to waste! With testing scents/flavors for our lotions, pomades, & other natural products, we have many that still smell & work great, but were not chosen to be used in our core products. Snatch these up at a lower price than our mainline if you are looking to sample our grooming products for a bargain deal. You won't be disappointed! Though this product is not part of the core product line, it is still filled with the same high-quality ingredients, it still smells incredible, it still works exactly as expected, & it is still handmade & hand-swirled by our master brewers in the Lox shop. To use this all-natural salve, simply scrape a small amount out of the tin, break it down in your hands, & lather it wherever you please! The organic butter & oils in the lotion will nourish & moisturize your skin better than anything you've used before. You can also use it in your hair or beard as a leave-in conditioner. Because this product is made all-natural, the options are endless! Directions: Clean hands. Rub a very small amount into your palm. Apply evenly to the skin in small portions. Repeat steps until the desired amount of coverage is achieved. A little bit goes a long way (this tin will last for months)! Use all day as often as desired. This product, like other all-natural products, is temperature-sensitive. Keep in a cool, dry place. HANDMADE in SMALL BATCHES 2 oz. 100% ALL NATURAL BODY MOISTURIZER TATTOO BRIGHTENER HAIR & BEARD LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER GREAT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES MADE in USA VANILLA SUmmER COCONUT BATCH #145 (ONLY 10 EVER CREATED!) Each order includes 1 balm. Ingredients: Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Local Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Fragrance Oil Blend Natural Tattoo Balm, Vanilla Summer Coconut Scented, Conditioner, Organic Salve Body Lotion, Lotion



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