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✎Your inspiration is the most beautiful decoration Decorate your party with this beautiful balloon garland, have your own unique inspiration to make these balloons into the shape you want, this is a DIY kit, the pictures shown are just the shapes I made by hand, if you have any ideas for balloon colors, please contact me & I will be happy to help you. I will include instructions for making the balloon garland in the package, so you don't need experience to make such a beautiful balloon garland. ✎Hosting an event is already stressful , the last thing you need is to worry how long your balloons will last . Balloons are made of high quality thick skin that won ' t easily pop & are TRUE to their color . The latex allows the balloons to stretch very well when you inflate them . ✎Packaging includes 99pcs Balloon Combinations Macaron Blue(5inch15pcs,10inch20pcs,12inch10pcs,18inch1pc) Matte Red(5inch10pcs,10inch10pcs,12inch5pcs) Matte Black(5inch10pcs,10inch10pcs,12inch5pcs) 4D Red 10inchpcs Track Flag 2pcs Free to you:1 Roll Glue Balloon Chain Hook 146pcs Balloon Combinations Macaron Blue(5inch20pcs,10inch35pcs,12inch15pcs,18inch1pc) Matte Red(5inch10pcs,10inch20pcs,12inch5pcs) Matte Black(5inch10pcs,10inch20pcs,12inch5pcs) 4D Red 10inch3pcs Track Flag 2pcs Free to you:1 Roll Glue Balloon Chain Hook 210pcs Balloon Combinations Macaron Blue(5inch20pcs,10inch55pcs,12inch15pcs,18inch2pcs) Matte Red(5inch20pcs,10inch25pcs,12inch10pcs) Matte Black(5inch20pcs,10inch25pcs,12inch10pcs) 4D Red 10inch4pcs Track Flag 4pcs Free to you:1 Roll Glue Balloon Chain Hook ✎Operation Guide Do not inflate too much, only 85%-95% of the gas is needed, it is not recommended to use the balloon in a high temperature environment ⬇ When inflating a 5-inch double-layer balloon, it is recommended to use a manual air pump or a high-powered electric pump for inflation,If There are some double-layer balloons in the package, It is composed of two balloons. Please do not split it ⬇ Inflate the balloon 1-2 days before the party & keep it in a cool & ventilated place. Balloons are oxidized in the air, creating a matte effect that is visually best when used at a party ⬇ Make your favorite balloon garland according to the balloon instructions in the package ✎Warm Tips ➀This set of balloons was shot after being inflated, & due to the display, the balloons are a bit different than when you first got them. ➁.Balloon strap kits (pump not included) are provided to help you make balloon garlands or arches more easily, the balloons can be filled with air or helium & the color will change when the balloon is inflated. Enjoy the DIY fun of bags. You can hang them in cool places like trees, walls, windows, doorways, dining tables & anywhere you like. ✎Store Policy ➀.We are very confident our product is created with quality manufacturing with top materials. But Different light, different



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