Mermaid Moon Mold. Large Mold, Glossy Mould Resin Silicon Mould, Silicone Mold
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Want it clear? Message me ahead or leave a note to seller! You will not be disappointed with these soft silicone molds. Made of high-quality silicone material, flexible & durable can last a long time with proper care, suitable for making molds of any configuration for casting plasters, wax, low-melt temperature metal alloys, & resins. Although not usually necessary, a release agent will make demolding easier when casting into or over most surfaces. Mold Specs: Mold use: When first cast, silicone rubber molds exhibit natural release characteristics. Depending on what is being cast into the mold, mold lubricity may be depleted over time & parts will begin to stick. No release agent is necessary when casting wax or gypsum. Do NOT use heat such as a torch or pop bubbles. This will ruin its lubricity causing it to stick to your pieces. If popping bubbles is needed, alcohol spray is recommended. First, to help prevent bubbling around etching, pour a thin layer over the etching, & pop the bubbles that rise. Using a beauty tool, a popsicle stick or toothpick also works well with eliminating bubbles around the etching. PLEASE NOTE: The color of the mold may vary. I use a colorant to achieve coloring, in which I like to switch it up. This does NOT mean it is made from a different silicone than pictured. If you would like to know about our affiliate program, where you receive huge discounts on future mold purchases, free molds, & 10% off your first mold order, please reach out to me for more details!! Affiliation rules: Must have a following & good interactions on either Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok Subject to approval! Mermaid Moon Mold. Large Mold, Glossy Mould Resin Silicon Mould, Silicone Mold



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