42+ Seeds|Candlelight Dahlia Seeds-Perennial -Authentic Seeds-Flowers -Organic. Non Gmo -Vegetable Seeds-Mix Seeds For Plant-B3G1#d025
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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Dahlia variabil LIGHT PREFERENCE: Sun. PLANT HEIGHT: 40-60". PLANT SPACING: 9-12". HARDINESS ZONES: Annual. Dahlias may be perennials, tender perennials or annuals, depending on the climate zone you live in. in colder climates, a bit of extra care allows you to grow dahlias in the garden year after year. 1. Method 1 Start by taking two wet paper towels & placing the dahlia seeds flat on one. Cover the dahlia seeds with the other paper towel. Place the paper towels & seeds inside a zip lock bag. Lay the zip lock bag flat on the top of your refrigerator. Leave the seeds for 3-5 days. After that time, start checking the bag daily for signs of germination. Once the seeds have germinated, carefully plant the seedlings in a seed tray. Place the tray of seedlings under grow lights. I check the seeds starting at day 3 & plant the ones that have germinated. I then continue to check daily for about 2 weeks for germination. After that point, I toss the ones that have not germinated 2. Method 2 Start by spreading potting soil mix in a low, flat tray. Potting soil can be purchased at any garden center, please purchase the plain, cheap potting soil without the added fertilizers. Stay away from any pre-fertilized potting soils such as the Miracle-Gro type brands. Sprinkle your dahlia seed over the top of the soil. Then lightly cover with potting soil. Lightly water so that soil is damp & continue to water lightly keeping the soil damp during sprouting. Sprouting should occur within a 7 to 10 day period. DO NOT OVER WATER, OR KEEP SOIL SOAKING WET. Start them in 70+ degree temperatures & a brightly lit area. They should be kept in these conditions throughout germination, they do not need any additional light, other than what Mother Nature gives us during the daylight hours. Keep in mind that unlike vegetable seed, dahlia seed will not all sprout the same day; germination will occur over several days. The usual success rate in dahlia seeds is about 75% success. 42+ Seeds|Candlelight Dahlia Seeds-Perennial -Authentic Seeds-Flowers -Organic. Non Gmo -Vegetable Seeds-Mix Seeds For Plant-B3G1#d025



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