Margaritaville Concert Tote Bag - Retro Parrothead Canvas Jimmy Buffett Music Eco Friendly Packaging
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Margaritaville Concert Tote Bag - Retro Parrothead Graphic Canvas Bag - Jimmy Buffett Music Eco Friendly Packaging I am 100% wasting away in Margaritaville this summer I think we ALL deserve a lil' Jimmy downtime...and this tote will be perfect for it! Whether you're using it everyday...or getting ready for the summer Parrothead get together, this is the perfect tote for your Jimmy needs. Measuring at 15.75"h x 15.25"w & with a handle length of 21.5", these personalized tote bags are with 100% cotton sheeting. Add their reinforced handle stitching to the mix, & you got a reliable bag rich in both practicality & durability. .: Material: 100% cotton sheeting .: Lightweight & compact .: Handle Length: 21.5" (54.61cm) .: One size WANT TO SEE MORE VINTAGE STYLES? CHECK OUT OUR "PUDDIN THREADS" SHOP!! ARE YOU A BIBLIOPHILE? CHECK OUT OUR "STROKE THE SPINE" BOOK MERCH SHOP! 2023 HOLIDAY CUT OFF DATES: Any orders we receive after these dates may not make it in time. We do not currently offer expedited shipping, since we can't guarantee the USPS's shipping dependability. We WILL work our butt's off to get it out the door as fast as possible regardless of if the order is placed before or after the deadline. Valentines Day - February 8th Easter - April 3rd Mother's Day - May 6th Fathers Day - June 10th Independence Day - June 29th Halloween - Oct 17th Thanksgiving - Nov 10th Christmas - Dec 12th New Years Day - Dec 20 FAQ: HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO SHIP?: Our items take anywhere from 2-5 days to print & package. On top of print time, shipping will be 2-5 days...depending on where the item is shipping to. We can NOT guarantee the on time delivery of the postal service...but we will work to get your item out as fast as possible! CAN YOU EXPEDITE MY ORDER?: During the holiday season, we can expedite the production...but we cannot expedite the shipping. Please do NOT request expedited production unless you absolutely need it! Expedited production does not guarantee you'll get your item in time for the holidays, but it does mean we'll move you towards the front of the print queue. CANCELLATIONS: Because our items are printed as you order them, we can't cancel orders after 24 hours. RETURNS/REFUNDS: For the same reason as above, we can't offer returns/refunds. We WILL, however, work with you to solve any issues you might have! Don't hesitate to shoot us a message! WHAT KIND OF MATERIALS DO YOU USE? We use Bella Canvas for our Shirts & Tanks...and Gildan for our sweatshirts! The material make-up for each product is located above this FAQ section. WHERE ARE THE ITEMS SHIPPED FROM? Although I am the artist, we do not print our own items. Our items are printed & packaged in our printer partner's facility. Our t-shirts & tanks ship from El Paso, Texas. Our sweatshirts ship from California. Margaritaville Concert Tote Bag - Retro Parrothead Canvas Jimmy Buffett Music Eco Friendly Packaging



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