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Kids Activity Table Set For Kids-Montessori Furniture-Chair For Toddler Table-Montessori Chair-Childrens Furniture-Montessori Table Sensory ExPRESS FREE SHIPPING WITH FEDEx or DHL. DESCRIPTION in accordance with the philosophy of Montessori education, Montessori activities aim for the child to discover & learn by herself, & to learn by experiencing the skills she or he needs. What are the benefits of Montessori education? in Montessori education, the child develops at his own pace, which increases the child's desire to learn & work. It develops the child's self-confidence & sense of responsibility, since planning & responsibility for the learning process is given to the child. Teaches discipline by internalizing it. It enables them to be a creative & productive individual. It creates space for growth as a social individual who respects himself & other people. Teaches you to express & manage your emotions in the most accurate way. Develops problem solving skills. For combined chair & table requests!! Table legs will be sent in the same color as your chair colors. For example, when you order a gray chair, the table legs will be gray. For your pink chair orders, your table leg color will be pink. Our premium quality children's activity table is the perfect product for your children to play games, enjoy their meals, read their favorite books, paint & use them for all kinds of activities. There are endless activities to fill your multi-purpose emotional table with s, kinetic sand, leaves, stone chips, colored water, play dough & more. If you want, you can turn the table cover & have your child do writing & painting exercises on the chalkboard. Your child will play for hours & develop their hand & intelligence skills. Activity & sensory tables are the biggest supporters for parents in games, which are the biggest helpers of parents for child development. You & your child are always very important to us, so the materials we use in all of our products are not harmful to health. Our table is made of First class beech plywood & hornbeam wood . It will come to you completely disassembled. It is very easy to transport & assemble. For your child's safety, the edges of our chairs are curved & The chair itself has a cushion so that your child will be comfortable sitting, even if he sits for a long time. Our table Feet are made entirely of natural wood. There is water-based polish on it. We always uses water-based paint & varnish which are approved by the ministry of health & does not contain Chemicals. Our table is suitable for indoor & outdoor use BUT we always recommend to store it in covered area or inside the house when not in use to preserve the longevity of the product. (If you are using our activity table outdoors please do not forget it.) You should always try to keep the table dry. If your child is using the table for water activity, or if you have washed it, please wipe the table with a soft cloth every time after your "Water activities" so that you



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