Andara Crystal Dt Wand To Channel Archangel Chamuel, His Divine Ray Of Pink Light Manifest Love, Grace, Healing #b78Bb9 30 Grams 3 Inch
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Andara Crystal DT Wand to Channel Archangel Chamuel, His Divine Ray of Pink Light to Manifest Love, Grace, Healing #b78bb9 36 grams 3 inch Archangel Chamuel manifests the pink ray of divine grace & love as a ray beam of light. It is here to help you become unstuck, to rise above any situation, to clear away any hurts & pains, & to bring back your ability to receive love again. It brings clarity & wisdom to your mind, so that you can make wise choices in life. The pink ray strengthens your intuition & spiritual awareness. The energy of love will come through your heart chakra, filling you with compassion & forgiveness for others, regardless of the situation you find yourself in. Heal your heart chakra with the pink ray of Archangel Chamuel. Remove all the hurt & pain that have built up. Remove yourself from everything that is holding you back. Move forward into new opportunities that are filled with love. Heal your aura & become whole. As the energy of divine grace & love passes through the wand, you heal yourself & become whole. DT wands channel & direct energy one way, manifesting your will & intent through the masculine fire element. DT wands are typically used for channeling energy & directing it toward a goal. These symbols of spiritual power are ideal tools for rituals & ceremonies. They can be programmed to call in any specific energies you choose, or you can set them up to send out a continuous stream of energyfor healing, cleansing, or any other purpose. Our Mystic has worked with crystals for many years. She believes that her crystals are living beings & handles them with care & respect. This is how she builds trust & connects with them. As she listens to them speak, they reveal their true purpose, & how they can serve others. When they are ready to be chosen, they let her know. Before their journey to their new home, they are cleansed & programmed. Each crystal arrives prepared & ready for their new owner. Crystals help us find balance, beauty, & spirituality in our connection to the Universe. They balance & harmonize our energy, leading us to a sense of inner peace & satisfaction. Admired for their beauty, they come in all shapes, sizes, & colors. They hold the power of the Universe, a source of unlimited energy that can be accessed for any spiritual purpose. Authentic monatomic Andara crystals are sourced from a verified supplier, & transformed from their raw, natural state into polished crystals. The meticulous work of carving & polishing is performed by our Craftsperson. Our workshop uses all carving methods: hand, laser, machining, sandblasting, & chemical etching. Aura enhanced crystals are created through a chemical process where a thin layer of metal is added to their surface to enhance the energy & appearance of the crystal underneath. Polished crystals have been cut & refined to a higher state of beauty & clarity. Their altered form gives them a more calm & soothing spiritual energy. Weight: 30 grams Size: 2.5 x 0.75 x 0.75



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