University City, Pennsylvania 3D College Campus Map | Graduation Gift For Students & Graduates
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Graduating from college is very exciting. But it can be hard to move on from the place you lived for several years. This 3D college town map will ensure that the memories made, & time spent at campus will never be forgotten. ◆ These make excellent graduation gifts for students to hang in their offices, living rooms, bedrooms, or anywhere they would like a glimpse back at school. ❉ "University City, Pennsylvania" will be engraved on the frame. We do not engrave the names of any colleges, just the name of the place it is located. ▮ The print comes in a frame so that it can be hung on the wall. There are several frame options so that you can ensure it matches the room it is put in. Custom Message (Optional): You can include a message on the back of the frame if you would like at no extra cost! The message is engraved into the cardboard backing. ☀ These look best when they are lit from the side. It shows more detail that way. So try to hang it in a place where it gets sideways lighting. ⬢ The 3D printed portion is 10"x10". It sits in a 13"x13" frame with a black or white mat. The frame is about an inch thick. ♦ Not sure which colors to choose? The most popular color combinations are Gold frame with White mat, & Wood frame with a black mat. ⌬ These items are 3D printed & made of PLA plastic. The models are created using 3D modeling design software from the latest geo-spatial imaging. Roads are slightly raised off of the terrain. Hilly campuses will show more elevation changes & topography. Buildings are shown with their relative heights compared to one another & may include some details based on the size of the building. Depending on the size of the campus, pathways will also be shown. Don't see your college? Check out the custom college listing below. I can design it for you! No affiliation with University of Pennsylvania Geo-spatial data from openstreetmap University City, Pennsylvania 3D College Campus Map | Graduation Gift For Students & Graduates



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