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LETS GET STICKY WITH IT.. ≠ We are planners with a vibe, & wanted to bring our vibe to the planner geeks of the world! ≠ Currently, our shipping time is 1-2 weeks; we want to make sure that we have the time to ensure quality design ≠ We use a Premium Matte Sticker Paper ≠ All of our icons range from .82" - 1.2" in maximum size. They will never exceed 1.5" ≠ Our lettering ranges from 1"-1.4" in maximum size. They will never exceed 1.5" ≠ Our decorative boxes are designed to fit vertical planners 1.5" x 2.5 " ≠ If you order a blackout option for lettering or design, we blackout our sheet so that there are NO white outlines :) ≠ if you choose our die cuts, you may choose size & premium matte/holographic paper. if you choose 1.5", we do not laminate these. If you choose 3" in premium matte & holo, these will be laminated in high quality waterproof laminate vinyl. WHY THK ≠ our stickers are hand drawn, sketched, & then digitally created by us. We design & create everything from start to finish ≠ we use highest quality products for the creation of our stickers ≠ FREEBIE SHEET! New Freebie Sticker Sheet Every Month THK Promise We absolutely LOVE what we do. Whether it be a custom design, just creating a product for you, or making our stickers & sending them your way, we literally have passion in every single piece we have. When you choose our stickers, we promise you will be getting the most unique, weird, & fun that comes out of our brains as possible. Our specialty is Planner Sheets & Accessories, die cut stickers, custom orders. We are planners, & use our stickers in a variety & bring you decorative & bada planning sticker decor! Shop Updates Twice A Month.and actually have our very own STICKER CLUB to help our brain dump vibes- we throw out an array of theme ideas, you poll on which one you want for the month. Follow the links below to be part of our newsletter for promotions, deals, & be the first to know about our newest sticker creations! PLANNER STICKER CLUB ≠ join our sticker club -> you choose the theme & get new stickers every month for as low as $7 a month SHIPPING ≠ Processing time varies; please check our announcement ≠ gift packing available -> message us. CUSTOM ORDERS ≠ processing time usually takes about 48 hours. We will send you an art proof before we begin the order. ≠ you must accept the art proof before we process- this ensures you are getting exactly what you want :) ≠ if you see a design that you want bulk, please contact us - we will be happy to create custom pricing ≠ want your own custom label, logo, or artwork done? Contact us on the etsy messaging & we can create a personal listing for your order. ≠ please read our shopping policies before placing a custom order LINKS ≠ monthly sticker club - new themed sticker sheets every month ≠ newsletter ≠ blog ≠website



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