Collection Tibetan High Altitude Clear Crystal Quartz So Many Visible Moving Bubbles Enhydros & Red Sand 13.3 in 22lb Energy #20220326
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This is a clear 6 sided point made of Tibet High Altitude natural enhydro quartz . This unique quartz point of finest craftsmanship is clear with so many visible moving bubbles & moving red sand . The sand moves around the bubble. If you rotate the stone slowly, you can see bubbles moving. Among them, there are 5 big bubbles. The bubbles dart fast & afar. Its a museum collection. The specifications are 340290 mm (13.3811.4 inch) & 10000 grams (22.02 lb). Perfect size for all kinds of energy works. This lovely point will make a great centerpiece for any room, healing space or work area! The pictures dont do it justice. Its much more beautiful when viewed in person. Don't delay; take home this one of a kind piece. Tibetan high altitude quartz crystal induces amplification of you own special energy field, it can & will produce a huge force field of healing negative ions & will clear the area of positive ions which can harm you & your loved ones. This Tibetan crystal is a huge amplifier & transformer of energy, your smallest thought will be immediately enlarged by this sacred crystal. Enhydro Quartz contains water bubbles that have remained unchanged & pure for thousands & perhaps millions of years. This crystal is full of vibrational potency from its shape & the very ancient water inside. Natural Enhydro like this can help one to put oneself in the "shoes of another," helping one to recognize & understand the other's true feelings. They provide life-sustaining energy, aiding in adaptability in potentially stressful situations. They also assist in continued change & reforming of the self. in healing, it helps bring the body to the state one is attempting to attain. Enhydro is Greek for "water within". These are crystals that contain pockets of pure water, mysteriously trapped in ages gone by. As water has always indicated the emotions in terms of the 4 elements (earth-body, water-emotions, air-mind, fire-spirit), these crystals can have a profound effect on our emotional life. Water that cannot move becomes stagnated - as emotions that cannot be expressed stagnate. Enhydro contain water trapped in very limited space, but the water has remained clean & pure for millennia. The signature of these crystals indicates a protection & purification of the emotions. The combination of water & quartz in this way is an extremely valuable & powerful tool for those with an understanding of the properties of both. The ability of water to instantly hold subtle impressions, & the ability of quartz to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit & transform those impressions, has extensive possibilities. Enhydro also contain a life sustaining energy, initiating adaptability in situations which could, otherwise, become stressful. It is strength to help other minerals perform in the requisite manner. This crystal can help one to put oneself in the shoes of another, & to recognize & understand the true feelings of that person. The Enhydro assists in metamorphosis &



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