John Keats, Literary Scent, Poetry, Poetry Rose, Lavender, Rain
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Born on All Hallows' an ambitious bird, speaking quiet words of a grecian urn, sitting at bedsides of the woefully ill, until all had gone & you were left still. So to the paper & pen, your hand had fled, where you wrote such sweet music to romantic dread to the butterflies & angels singing on high, & a fear that soon you'd return to the sky. A bright star, a comet, a nightingale's song, a beautiful mind, too swiftly gone, & for you I write when my heart does ache, knock on the wall, dear John, I'll answer when I wake. -To John Keats (this poem will be included in my upcoming third book) . If an alien ship landed on earth & asked me "what is poetry?" I'd just hand them a copy of Keats' Ode to a Nightingale. That's it. That's poetry. That is the feeling. John Keats is my favorite poet, so here is another scent creation in his honor. John has always reminded me of an early sunny spring day one of my first scents i ever made for the shop was Sleep & Poetry, inspired by his poem & the comforting scent of lilacs in the spring, so I feel that this scent is a fine companion to Sleep & Poetry, to John, & to spring. This scent also contains lilac, though faint it's a ghost, a whisper. Here instead is the soft musk of rain, fresh & fluffy clouds hanging in a blue sky. Birds are singing, roses are waking, lavender is turning to warm her face in the sun, while the violets & lilies steam in a bath of warm chamomile tea. This is calm, this is writing weather, this is the perfect moment to hear the nightingale. Scent will come packaged safely in a 10ml amber glass roll on. Blend of jojoba, grapeseed, skin safe vegan fragrance & essential oil. always do a patch test to be sure no allergic reaction occurs. If reaction occurs, discontinue use John Keats, Literary Scent, Poetry, Poetry Rose, Lavender, Rain



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