Champion, Light - Character Builder Series Hard Enamel Pin
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The Character Builder series is an enamel pin set of tabletop RPG class & race pins that can be nested together to represent your character. This listing is for 1 standard grade hard enamel class pin. - Size: 38mm x 23mm - Polished gold plating - 2 rubber pin backs - Logo embossed on the back of the pin PIN GRADING/QUALITY The production of hard enamel pins involves many steps, including the application of each hard enamel color by hand. Due to this production process, varying quality levels can exist within each batch of enamel pins. in order to ensure that you are receiving a product that you are happy with, I personally inspect each enamel pin & separate them based on a grading scale that is detailed below. This will allow you to determine which price & quality combination works best for you. Unless otherwise noted, all etsy product photos display Standard grade pins. STANDARD GRADE These pins are the highest grade pin I offer. They may have minor flaws upon close inspection detailed below. These flaws are only noticeable upon close inspection or when the light hits the enamel pin at a certain angle. These minor imperfections are not noticeable by most individuals & do not detract from the overall appearance of the pin. - Tiny specks of discoloration in enamel or metal - Small scratches in the enamel or metal - Areas underfilled with enamel in areas that are not major (only in detailed pins) - Very tiny spaces not filled with enamel (applies to very detailed designs) Champion, Light - Character Builder Series Hard Enamel Pin



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