Maple Sugar
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Orders up to 10 pieces ship quickly. Case packs (12/24 pc) orders take up to 10 business days to ship. If you are looking for more details or private label information call 413-562-2042 or email ideas MAPLE SUGAR - Varies in Packaging & Pricing (See Below) Last summer, my brother Mark & I took a rafting trip down Quebec's Rouge River. It was a one-night, two-day event. Thus, we had to carry our clothing, camping equipment, & food with us. The guides prepared pancakes for our morning on the river with maple syrup. Rather than lugging bottles of maple syrup around, they had dehydrated syrup from a Canadian Maple Sugar farm. Thus all they had to do was add boiling water at the campsite. For anyone wishing to sweeten their coffee or tea, they simply offered the same powder. So impressed by the taste & luxury of a dried syrup, we set out to find a local sugarhouse to do the same for us. Maple Sugar is the perfect accent to pancakes, but it is also a great alternative to sweetening things like cakes, muffins, & cookies. It is also a flavorful substitute for white sugar in coffee, tea, or favorite recipes. INGREDIENTS: Pure Dehydrated Maple Syrup. VISIT OUR SISTER STORE, Elm Brook Farm Repurposing History - Antiques, farm tools, industrial salvage, repurposed furniture, signs, Farm House decorating, china & collectibles. Pair with our HARNEY & SONS TEA- Maple Sugar



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