Net Bag "Earth" 42mm Mammoth Glass Marbles Netherlands Iridescent Swirls Vacor Don Juan | Peacock in USA Part Of Elements Set Dragon Header


This net bag of "Earth" 42mm glass marbles comes with 2 Mammoth marbles that measure 42mm or 1.65 inches in diameter. Made in Mexico by Vacor (Glassfirma), they were packaged for a company called Don Juan that distributed them in the Netherlands. The US version of these marbles is called "Peacock." Vacor distributes marbles all over the world & the same marble can be called different names & be marketed under different brand names in different countries. There are also several different, yet similar, header styles for these marbles which can greatly aid in determining when they were made & how collectible they are. The header on these bags displaying a fierce Dragon indicates that they were made in 2015. Crafted in gorgeous opaque green glass with lovely swirls of blue & yellow, they are coated with a glistening, iridescent finish. They are truly stunning marbles & will surely create a conversation whenever used or displayed! Great for use in Decorating, Art Work, Games, Crafts, Jewelry, Yard Art or Collecting. Our quantities are limited. These Earth marbles are part of a series of that represent the 4 elements: Earth, Fire, Water, & Wind. We also have that set listed in our Etsy store. Images are representative of selection. Each marble is a unique glass orb. No two marbles are exactly alike. Please be aware that marbles are very difficult to photograph & due to differences in personal settings on computers & hand held devices the colors you see may vary slightly from the color you receive. Lighting such as flash photography can greatly effect the look of a marble as can holding the marble under different types of lighting can make the color look slightly different. We do our absolute best to represent our marbles accurately & true to color, but even the best photography will not display as 100% perfect. The white spots on these marbles are light reflections, not damage or error spots. This size marble may sometimes have creases or cold rolled marks. They are usually not as smooth as the smaller size marbles. Our large marbles may have creases or cold rolled marks. Machine made marbles are made by rolling molten glass with various colors. in larger sizes roll marks from this process may sometimes be seen as part of the normal making process. If it is a cold roll mark (smooth not sharp edges), most consider that as-made & it would fall in the mint category. Net Bag "Earth" 42mm Mammoth Glass Marbles Netherlands Iridescent Swirls Vacor Don Juan | Peacock in USA Part Of Elements Set Dragon Header



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