New Model "Cosmic Geometry" - An Amazing, Spatial, Multi-Dimensional Silver Wedding Ring. Wedding Band. Black
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"NEW MODEL! "Cosmic Geometry" - an amazing, spatial, multi-dimensional silver wedding ring. Wedding band. Black silver ring." Original one-of-a-kind. No two are alike as each one is individually handmade! An original, unparalleled wedding ring. Made by hand from silver 925. Oxidized, matte finish. You can order a brighter version of this ring at my other auction. in the photos, the inside of the ring is black (matte). On request, the inside of the wedding ring can be bright (matte) or bright polished. Thickness: ~2,5mm ! Width: ~8mm The larger the size, the greater the width can be. Sterling Silver 925 Available sizes: 7 - 12,5 US (European 15 - 29) For smaller & larger sizes, please contact me I invite you to look at my other wedding rings! You will surely find something for everyone :) Free shipping applies to the service: GLOBAL ExPRES Free shipment to Poland: InPost Oxidized, black silver may wear out with prolonged use. Remember that oxidation is only a coating on the metal. Sizing rings can be a tricky business - especially when working across the internet. Why is it tricky? Because every jeweller does things 'their way' - & those ways don't always line up, jeweller-to-jeweller. Firstly, there are a ton of different ring measuring systems depending on where you live. Thankfully, there are handy charts like this one that allow jewellers like myself to convert from one system to another. Next, we have our tools. Every jeweller has their own tools, manufactured from different places all over the world. Sometimes, this can mean that one jeweller's tools are very slightly different from another's. (I'm in Poland, but my tools actually have US measures on them, which means I need convert European sizes to US before I can make rings.) It's for this reason that I recommend that all my customers go to a couple of different local jewellers to get their ring size. If you can get 2 different jewellers who agree on your size, you can be pretty confident that it's the right one! Any other method - like using an online sizer, one you print out, or even a bit of string or tape around your finger are never going to get you an accurate size. The only way to be sure you're getting the right size is to have a jeweller professionally size you in-person. Thankfully, any jewellery store will do this for free, & it takes just one or two minutes. It's definitely worth the effort in the long run to get the size right, first time! Size differs depending on the width of the ring you order, too. Jewellers can use either a thin or a wide set of sizing bands. New Model "Cosmic Geometry" - An Amazing, Spatial, Multi-Dimensional Silver Wedding Ring. Wedding Band. Black



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