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Description: Valorant Jett Wooden Wall Decor-Valorant Wood Art-Game Jett Character-Jett Volarant Wall Decal-Jett Wall Sign-Valorant Wall Hanging-Gifts ■Do you want your walls to have a story with Jett wall decor? Jett wall decoration is made of 6mm high quality wood. This product is Jett wall decor. Designed by Wood Story Art1. It is just one of the best gifts you can buy for yourself & your loved ones. As a manufacturer, we recreate the walls of your home with our laser machine. Our products are produced to be used in every room of your home. Our products are produced using light materials for you to change the room whenever you want. The products are in such a way that you can simply carry them with one hand. ■SHADOW EFFECT ON THE WALL Thanks to its special hangers, it stands 3 cm in front of the wall & creates a 3-dimensional image on the wall. It takes less than 1 minute to install. Along with our products, we send small gifts to our valued customers because they prefer us. Our products appeal to all segments. It is suitable for many occasions such as birthday present, new year gift, special day gift, & office, new home gifts. ■PRODUCTION STAGES During the production phase, 6mm raw mdf is cut in a laser machine & brought into the desired shape. It is then painted with a roller using water-based black acrylic paint. The product is kept in our workshop for the drying phase. Our water-based paint is not harmful to health. The paint is odorless. Production is completed within 1-2 working days. ■PACKING STAGES We wrap the product in 3 layers of exploding bags to avoid any damage. We add your personalized gift that we have prepared for you, next to the product, into the exploding bag. We pack the product with 1 cm thick honeycomb panels, which are completely recyclable & cut according to the product size, by tightly taping the necessary parts. All this to protect nature & deliver your order to you safely. ■FREE & ExPEDED DELIVERY! We can ship the orders you place at convenient times on the same day, & you do not pay the shipping fee! ■USED MATERİALS High quality 6 mm material wood. (MDF) ■WALL DECOR DİMENSİONS 33x30 cm (12,99x11,81 inch) 38x35 cm (14,96x13,77 inch) 50x52 cm (19,69x20,47 inch) 70x65 cm (27,56x25,59 inch) All of our products are laser cut using the highest quality wood. After the painting & polishing processes, the product is rested. Finally, it is carefully packed & shipped to you. Jett Wall Decor-Volarant Game Wall Poster - Volarant Game Jett Character - Jett Volarant Wall Art- Jett Poster-Valorant Decal WE CAN CONVERT THE MODEL YOU WANT INTO A WOOD ART. JUST SEND US A MESSAGE :) Check OTHER QUALİTY WOOD ART MODELS: Valorant Jett Wooden Wall Decor-Valorant Wood Art-Game Character-Jett Volarant Decal-Jett Sign-Valorant Hanging-Gifts



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