Softball Mom Leopard Print Fire Heart My Is On That Field Ready To Press Sublimation Transfers Designs - To Rts 287
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Softball Mom Leopard Print Fire Heart My Heart Is On That Field Ready To Press Sublimation Transfers Designs- Ready to Press RTS 287 Ships same day or next business day All transfers are now $2.00 Just choose your size you need Sizes available are 3"x3" you get 4 per page Good for Coffee Mugs 3.25"x3.25" you get 4 per page. Good for Koozies 6" Good for Toddlers 8" Good for Youth 8.5x11" Good for Adults. Printed proportionate on 8.5x11" paper size These measurements are an estimate & might vary slightly. The measurements will be for the widest part of the image. All transfers are printed on high quality sublimation paper with high quality sublimation ink! Your transfer may appear dull upon arrival, that is because the special inks are heat activated. Once pressed they will be more vibrant. The sublimation transfer must be used on at least 50% or more polyester garment. 50% polyester will give it a vintage look. To get the most vibrant look, use 100% polyester. The garment must be used on a light-colored fabric. Absolutely no dark shirts. The transfer will not print white. The colors on the listing may be slightly different from the transfer. Instructions will be included with the transfers. For mugs you will need to buy special mugs that have a sublimation coating on them. You cannot use basic mugs from Walmart. Amazon has some nice sublimation mugs. I only recommend using the transfer one time. Regular Household irons will not work. Cotton shirts will not work. No returns due to the nature of the product. Carefully check over your prints to make sure no stray ink marks are on them. Sublimation Directions (Clothing) Suggestion However use what works best for your experience. Preheat your heat press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you adjust your press for medium pressure. Again, household irons will not work Lint roll your shirt really well & prepress your shirt for 15 seconds to remove any moisture (lint rolling is important especially if using white shirts to prevent tiny blue dots on your shirt after pressing.) Put a sheet of butcher paper in the inside of your shirt to prevent the image bleeding through Place your transfer printed side down on the location that you want it on your shirt. You can use heat tape to keep your transfer from moving. It must be heat tape only. Cover the whole shirt with a sheet of butcher paper & press 400 degrees for 60 seconds Once 60 seconds is done, carefully pull off the sublimation transfer in one direction trying not to let the image touch as you pull it up to prevent ghosting & extra ink getting on your shirt. Mug Directions - Please refer to the manual that came with your mug press. You must use mugs that are meant for sublimation & coated with a special coating. You can find sublimation mugs on amazon. Washing Instructions - Turn Garment inside out. Machine wash cold. No bleach. No fabric softeners. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Tumble dry at low heat. Softball Mom Leopard Print Fire Heart My Is On



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