Archangel Jophiel Channeled Youtube Video Reading/Psychic Reading/ Intuitive Angel Automatic Writing Oracle
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In this reading, I will invite Archangel Jophiel to give her insight & wisdom using intuitive channeling. Archangel Jophiel is a radiant archangel that specializes in bringing beauty, joy, & optimism into your life. Jophiel is a wonderful angel to contact for advice on how to improve creativity, shine your radiant light into the world, & increase optimism. She is an angel that boosts your personal confidence, helps you find your unique talents & gifts, & inspires you to see the world with some sunshine colored glasses. Jophiel's energy is radiant, joyful, & bubbly. She always reminds me of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. She gives incredible motivational speeches, & working with her is like the energetic equivalent of a sunny day. Her energy & positivity are contagious & channeling with her is so much fun. Before this reading, I meditate & use automatic writing to note the messages from Jophiel. Automatic writing is a tool that I use to connect to spirit & divine psychic information. You can think of it like being a personal note taker for spirit. If you have a specific question or if you want guidance on a particular topic, feel free to include this in the request. If you don't include a question, Jophiel will relay any messages you need to know. The majority of the reading will contain psychic information channeled from Jophiel. I will also draw tarot & oracle cards as advice at the end of your reading. When you purchase this reading, you will receive a link to your private YouTube video that you can watch over & over again. Your unlisted YouTube video link will be delivered to your Etsy conversation within one week of your purchase, according to my business hours. Disclaimer: I will not do readings for anyone under the age of 18. I do not answer questions related to legal, medical, or psychological topics. Per Etsy legal requirements, I must let you know that this reading is for entertainment purposes only. Any decisions made, or actions taken as a result of your reading are your choice & responsibility. Click the links below to see more channeled angel readings: Michael - Uriel - Raphael - Metatron - Haniel - Chamuel - Gabriel - Sandalphon - Raziel - Zadkiel - Archangel Jophiel Channeled Youtube Video Reading/Psychic Reading/ Intuitive Angel Automatic Writing Oracle



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