Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus Best Of Both Worlds Tour Ever Customized Tickets
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❓What is this?❓ These are the World Famous Souvenir tickets that you can use in place of electronic tickets or mobile QR codes to preserve your memories of attending your best days of the concert. Since Ticketless is the new norm, these help keep your nostalgia & memories alive. ❓Why Get These?❓ Two Reasons: 1. Fans are known to save tickets from their favorite shows as a souvenir they can display on a frame. You can't frame a digital ticket. 2. The best choice to give a gift of your special someone, friends or family of going to a concert to see their faves. You can wrap these. You can't wrap a digital ticket. ❓What Makes These Different from all other tickets?❓ These tickets are made for YOU. Every ticket number, every seat, every number is entirely accustomed to your ticket. No one can ever duplicate YOUR ticket. Every event will have special features, whether a barcode link, or fonts. ❓Are these real? Can they be used to get in?❓ Absolutely NOT! These are made for souvenir purposes only. Don't get in using these. You'll set yourself up for embarrassment. Can you make tickets for other shows? Of course (only if possible). Just request custom order or message us which show you like. Only catch is allow 3-4 days to design & test. MATERIALS Paper, Plastic FEATURES 1. Personalized Ticket information 2. Backside includes a graphic feature. 3. Free lamination 4. High Quality. 300 Pixels/inch 5. Size: 6.1" x 2.5" (Regular). Size can be adjusted by custom order. NEW: Now included Jumbo sizes ( approximately 11" x 4.5")! Note: Jumbo-sized tickets do not include PVC covers at this time. ☆ Custom name, date, ticket number on the front. Different graphic, venue location, & disclaimer in the back. ☆ Choose either Custom or General (has all tour dates but no specific info) ☆ Lamination is FREE & OPTIONAL. Specifications Gloss: Finest quality cardstock. Also the thickest, but can get glary. Matte: Crisp & less glare. See more information on the paper types on the images above. HOW TO PERSONALIZE: IMPORTANT! To avoid delays, please enter information just like this correctly. Only #1 & #5 can be blank. Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus Best Of Both Worlds Tour Ever Customized Tickets



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