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Picture this - as you gaze across the foreign land of a faraway planet, a spire pierces the horizon. Upon getting closer, a strange obelisk stands before you, clearly of alien design & intention. What does it mean? What is its purpose? Who built it...and more importantly, are they still here? This is one of the amazing dice towers designed by Kimbolt Creations as part of her Fate's End series. Each of these dice towers is inspired by classic RPG classes, creatures, monsters, & races in both fantasy & Sci-Fi. It is design to fit the traditional seven polyhedral dice sets, measuring roughly 3/4". It is offered in a variety of color options. Here is a quick description of the color options: Regular Colors - The largest variety of color options! Finished product has a semi-gloss shine to it. Silk Colors - These colors have a high-shine finish to them. Color Changers - These colors swap between the colors specified from top to bottom, roughly every 10 meters of filament used. This results in several vertical color changes in the finished product, & most have the silk finish to them. Quantum Colors - This is a brand-new kind of filament & changes colors from left to right across the entire finished product. Check out this example gif to see the color change ( Quantum filament has a silk finish to it. Please note that some of the color-changers & quantum colors are currently backordered due to high demand. If you are interested in these colors, please send me a message prior to your order to check on the current delivery timeline. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! 3D Crafts & Curios is a licensed seller of Fate's End dice towers. If you are interested in a coin bank version or a decorative version (no tunnel for dice) of this dice tower, please let me know! Alien Obelisk Dice Tower | Fate's End Tabletop Games



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