1st Birthday Gift Toys For Toddler, Custom Name Puzzle, Wooden Personalized First Girls/Boys, Gifts For Kids
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We believe we are leap & bounds ahead of the competition when it comes to quality. Our colors are something we have customized over time to suit the needs of Last Piece of the Puzzle. Our font is our own font. You won't find one to match it exactly as it just isn't out there. Backboards are ½ inch thick & rounded for a smooth comfortable feel. They are finished with a natural finish. This beautiful finish gives the puzzle a shine & best of all is made from food grade ingredients that are safe for your little one. We make this finish right here in our studio. It is an all natural beeswax finish made with only organic ingredients. The letter pockets are 1/8 inch deep. This is a great depth as it allows the letters to stick slightly above the board & eliminates the need for pegs, which do have the potential be a choking hazards. Our puzzles make great gifts for children of all ages from newborn baby to toddlers that are 3 or 4 years of age. Many of our customers use them as nursery or kids room decorations before & after the children are done playing with them. Set them up on a dresser or shelf & they are a cute wooden nursery name sign. Our puzzles always have consistent spacing between letters. We will make the board fit the name, never the other way around. No large gaps or "squishing" of letters. The length of your puzzle will depend on the length of the name. Puzzles range between 10 in & 30 in long. The height of the puzzle depends on the number of lines: One line puzzles are approximately 4 in tall Two line puzzles are approximately 8 in tall Three line puzzles are approximately 12 in tall PRIORITY SHIPPING: First class shipping is free. However, if you need to speed your package up another day or 2 you can pay for priority shipping here. https://www.etsy.com/listing/724503900/upgrade-your-shipping-to-usps-priority STANDS: You can purchase a stand to display your puzzle with here. https://www.etsy.com/listing/721639419/puzzle-display-stand-for-last-piece CUSTOM ENGRAVED MESSAGE: You can add on a customized personal engraving to the backside of the gift you have ordered. https://www.etsy.com/listing/242835661/engrave-a-special-message-on-your-puzzle 1st Birthday Gift Toys For Toddler, Custom Name Puzzle, Wooden Personalized First Girls/Boys, Gifts For Kids



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