Silicone Dog Tag, Silent Pet Id Personalized - Discounts For Orders Of 3 Tags Or More in The Same Transaction
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Our tags are still silent, deeply engraved (no ink or printing here flexible, & completely customizable! PLEASE READ: Honesty is the best policy. This is a silicone dog tag. It is not a metal dog tag. It will never be as strong as metal; it also won't be as loud as metal or have the engraving rub off as metal tags do. If your dog is a chewer & can reach the tag, it may get damaged/ruined. If your dog has doggie friends or siblings that are chewers & like to gnaw on tags/collars, the tag may be damaged/ruined. If your dog gets hung up on something & pulls hard, the tag may be damaged/ruined. This is true for every silicone dog tag on the market whether the sellers disclose this or not. We think our silicone dog tags are great but they may not be the right choice for every dog. Please weigh your options carefully, as we cannot be responsible for damages that occur to tags after they have been on your dog. That being said, if there's ever an issue, please, reach out! BUY 3 OR MORE & SAVE 10% - Free Shipping with orders over $35 Items shipped in the same transaction will be packaged together & you only pay once for shipping. Remember, orders over $35 from the Shockley Laserworks store qualify for free shipping. This listing is for a personalized silicone dog tag. The tags are laser engraved & the words are cut deep into the silicone & will not rub off or fade. They're quiet, flexible, durable, & will stay looking great for a long time! Please remember, exceptionally long lines will not work. We do our best to make sure all information is large & easily readable but the more characters you want on a line, the smaller the font will have to be. Common words like "Avenue," "Road," "Boulevard," "Street," as well as state names may be abbreviated to ensure that the text remains as large as possible & easy to read. If the second line of your address is especially long, you may want to consider leaving out your zip code. To make things fit & be a readable size, we may take some creative license & move things around to ensure that all of your information gets on the tag & is legible. Phone numbers must be their own line for readability. If you would like your names or Mom/Dad with the phone numbers, the names/titles will have to be on a separate line. Addresses take at least two lines; sometimes more if you have an apartment/unit number. If you live in a city with a long name, leaving your zip code off is usually a great idea. The backs of the tags are always engraved in Font 24. I don't engrave backs in other fonts for a variety of reasons, the biggest being that the back is usually where important information is & most fonts aren't at all clear at the size they'd need to be to make things fit. Other fonts may not have punctuation characters or even numerals. Just trust me on this. For readability, Font 24 is absolutely the best. If you have a rebellious streak & choose to ignore the above guidelines, we will assume that you have read this description & are



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