Betty White Nail Dip. Golden Girls Tribute Dips.golden Girl Collection Dips
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Betty White nail dip. Golden Girls nail dip. Betty White tribute nail dips.Golden girl collection nail dips. Starting with main picture, then top right, down, then to left. Golden Girls-flake dip & Cheescake is the solid. Both have a light beige base, slight shimmer. Butterfly in A Hurricane-(One of Betty Whites Quotes) Thermal that is steel blue when cold & pink when hot. Roses in Heaven-UV/Glow. Fine white glitter with color shifting pink/green shards & pink chameleon flakes. Turns light lilac in sun, glows violet. Rose-Thermal that is a bright pink when cold & white when warm. Has beautiful iridescent purple flakes. Miami-Multiple colored small chunky glitter mix. Shady Pines-Green foils & tiny green flakes. Blanche-deep burgundy base with gold foils & gold & iridescent purple flakes. My dips are 9 free & vegan. Please note that the jars will contain the appropriate teaspoons, but will not be full to the top as I use larger jars for your convenience. Join my private Facebook Dip group to see new releases, sales & more! Gel top coat may also be used. For external use only. If an allergic reaction should occur, discontinue use & consult with a licensed physician. Every effort is made to ensure accurate representation of colors. However, due to variations in screen settings, lighting, & reactions to liquids colors may not appear the same as in the images seen. Betty White Nail Dip. Golden Girls Tribute Dips.golden Girl Collection Dips



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