Rose Gold Light Purple Jade Ring Oval Convex Circle Gemstone 100% Myanmar Natural Grade A Jadeite Adjustable Size
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My shop, all the products come from different mining areas in Burma. Naturally formed jewel-grade jadeite, they are very beautiful. All products in our shop are natural jade, beads will have fine stone lines, which is normal.Support global testing products Gem Size:13.9mm13mm7.6 Ring weight:3.82g Packing:Gift Box The color of the jade jade in Myanmar is different because of the customs of the region, & the subdivision method is slightly different. in the jade kingdom of Myanmar, the jade is divided into three categories & 12 grades. According to its emerald color, it is subdivided into more than 30 kinds of grades. in general, the color of Burmese jade can be roughly divided into the following six kinds: 1. White. Basically free of other impurity elements. 2. Red. Contains the chemical element iron . 3. Green. The chromium . 4. Black. Contains more than 2% chromium & iron . 5. Yellow. Contains tantalum. 6. Purple. Contains element chromium iron cobalt . ▲ Shipping times are estimated. We cannot guarantee the shipping times once your package has left our facility, & it's on the post office's hands. ▲ Please understand that we are not responsible for delays due to Customs. ▲ If your order hasn't arrived within the expected delivery time, Please contact us ▲ At the moment you can pay only with PayPal. BUT, You don't have to have a PayPal account to make an order, you can simply pay with your credit card Via PayPal checkout. The evolution of the primary jade deposits in Myanmar has experienced four stages: diagenesis, metamorphosis, metamorphosis & deformation. Among them, the diagenetic stage & the Chengyu stage are the important stages of the formation of jadeite. The diagenetic stage is the initial formation stage of jadeite, which is formed by magmatic activity or metamorphism in the depths of the earth's crust. ChengYu phase in a certain temperature & pressure in a closed environment, diagenetic stages of jadeite rock metamorphism reformation by dynamic metamorphism, make the original crystalline particles coarser jadeite minerals to adjust, dynamic recrystallization, grain boundaries to produce fine crystallization effect, makes the jadeite mineral grains & and effectively eliminates the jadeite pore exists between mineral grains. Thus the texture of jadeite becomes delicate & mellow, the structure is more compact, the transparency is also greatly improved, so that the jadeite reached the grade of jade. Rose Gold Light Purple Jade Ring Oval Convex Circle Gemstone 100% Myanmar Natural Grade A Jadeite Adjustable Size



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