Lily Of The Valley Fresh Vegan Perfume | Men & Women Addicted To Body Spray Coach Lover Party 2022 Gift
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The fragrance that suits you can make yourself more attractive, come & try this perfume! Fragrance: Lily of the Valley Leaving fragrance: 2~3 hours Weight: 12ml First of all, the fragrance of lily of the valley smells very fresh at first, & it also has a little cool feeling. It comes from an aldehyde fragrance. Then there will be a scent of jasmine mixed with a little lemon & rose. Of course, the scent of rose is very light, & then you smell a faint scent similar to camphor tree, which is a delicate fragrance. The taste of jasmine may come from the indole among the ingredients, but the content is very low, so the fishy smell of indole is hardly smelled. The smell similar to lemon may be derived from the small amount of limonene & citral in the ingredients, & the aroma similar to rose may be derived from the geraniol in the ingredients. Of course, there is also lily aldehyde, which is unique among lily of the valley flowers. Lily of the valley perfume is a fresh white flower & green grass scent. Although the fragrance rate has reached 10%, due to the personality of the lily of the valley, the scent is still light at this concentration (if you don't get close to this concentration, it is almost Undetected, but really refreshing). in addition, lily of the valley is really different from other perfumes. After spraying, it can hardly smell. It takes about 5 minutes to show its scent, & the scent reaches its strongest in about half an hour. Each perfume must be repeatedly confirmed & modified to achieve the perfect balance. This perfume can relieve fatigue & soothe tired nerves. When the body is tired, spray some appropriately to recover from fatigue & refresh the spirit. This fragrant & charming perfume can increase the unique charm of women, make people look more temperament & more beautiful! This perfume can improve your own taste & self-confidence, so that you can express yourself more appropriately in some important public occasions & achieve a multiplier effect with less effort. Spray some before you go out every day, & the faint scent will come in the wind when you walk, which will bring you a good mood! Lily Of The Valley Fresh Vegan Perfume | Men & Women Addicted To Body Spray Coach Lover Party 2022 Gift



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