Aquarius Horoscope Wall Decor, Zodiac Sign Art, Wood Hanging
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Aquarius ♒️ Aquarius, the third air sign in the zodiac, is very mental, just like other air signs Gemini & Libra. If there is no mental stimulation, they get bored & their motivation drops. As Aquarius is the third air sign, it transforms Gemini's winds of joy & Libra's love butterfly into a humane mood for everyone. Made from high-quality raw MDF. It has been cut with a CNC router & has no burn marks/smell. This MDF does not absorb paint. You'll get better results with less paint. It comes in unpainted wood color. It can be easily painted with spray or acrylic paints. After painting, you can varnish. Create your imagination to DIY paint it with your favorite color. Please, don't contact with water, It may swell. If you want to clean it, you can wipe it dry with a damp cloth It can be painted with spray or acrylic paints. It is suitable for decoration with materials such as macrame & raffia. The product has a hanging hole. It is a very meaningful home decor for astrology lovers. You can also decorate it according to your pleasure. You can use it flat or painted in every corner of your home. You can determine the colors you will paint according to your wall color. So you can create a harmonious atmosphere. You can choose 20 cm or 30 cm. 20x20 cm product is 66 grams. 30x30 cm product is 150 grams. The products are 6 mm thick. Environmentally Friendly ♻ You can visit our store for such products. Aquarius Horoscope Wall Decor, Zodiac Sign Art, Wood Hanging



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