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W O O D E N N A M E P U Z Z L E Personalized, eco-friendly baby gift idea for Birthday, Christmas, & any other day of the year. As a Mother, I know that "love" is the most important component in the development of Your child under 3 years old. Mom, love, & time together are all they need. But also, I know how difficult it is to invent a new game every time, to make it interesting. Based on this, we have developed an educational toy with which You can express your feelings (that's why we made an option to engrave Your custom message for Your Little One. Explore the world we live in ( by different additional elements we have made). What can be better than spending fun time together, learning the baby's name, & of course develop motor skills. Thanks to the playful form, the child can easily learn his name. & of course, from the lips of mother name sounds the most beautiful & sweet. P O S S I B I L I T I E S O F N A M E P U Z Z L E S Learning while playing is the best way to start teaching your kid. The name puzzle is a simple & nice toy that helps your child to develop motor skills, color & shape recognition. Learning how to spell his name is a great way to make kids feel special & loved as well. A B O U T O U R P U Z Z L E S ☆ Made with birch plywood & water-based ink, our puzzles are absolutely eco-friendly & safe for kids. ☆ We have found an ideal size, now there are light, lasting, & easily usable. Their length varies from 8 to 24 inches, depending on the number of letters. The puzzle width is 3,35 inches. It was made for the best matching for your requests. ☆ The technique of playing with a name puzzle is inspired by the Montessori technique. Our puzzle can give your child possibilities to learn without your involvement. But still - use every time to form friendships with your kids. C U S T O M I Z A T I O N ☆ You have 10 different color schemes. Choose whatever you like. Or make your own scheme using the colors we offer you. ☆ You have different shapes to choose from. Add them at the beginning of the name or at the end. An additional element can be selected in the presented infographics, so totally the puzzle looks more harmonic. Or if you want to make your own scheme - choose every figure you like. ☆You can add to your puzzle back engraving which you want. ☆You can add pegs. It helps children under 2 years to enjoy playing. ☆Choose gift wrap to make your puzzle be a real gift. ☆Additionally, we offer you a puzzle stand, so your toy will be a beautiful element of nursery decor. H A V E A N Y Q U E S T I O N S ? If you got a damaged product - contact us. We are ready to return your full price for bad quality. Remember, that we don't own delivery services & can't control this process. So, if you have trouble with the time of shipping - check if your product was sent correctly. If all were sent in time - the problem is from the part of the delivery service. If your dog ate the shape of the puzzle or you lost it - we are ready



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