Brown & Black Dreads, Single Ended Viking Extensions, Dark Double Synthetic Braid Dread Dreads Loose End
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MORE DETAILS ABOUT THE LOT Please read the full description of the lot below! You can choose from single ended dreadlocks or double ended dreadlocks. Dread extensions can be of a standard color (select in options) or any other. Also I am always happy to work with any custom orders of fake dreadlocks. I work with synthetic dreadlocks. SET PARAMETERS LENGTH about 50 cm/ 20 inches (including loose ends) THICKNESS 0.3-0.9 cm/ 0.12-0.35 inches (about like a pencil) COLOR - ombre black / dark brown. You can choose other colors. Write to me to choose the right color. Please note that the shade may differ slightly from the photo. This is due to color distortions in the photo, on different displays, different lighting, & different perceptions of shades by different people. QUANTITY RECOmmENDATIONS For braiding the TOP of the head (standard head top) I recommend a minimum of 20-25 DE dreadlocks or 40-50 SE dreadlocks. For braiding the BACK of your head, I cannot advise a certain amount. It depends on what area you want to braid. It can be 10-15 double dreads or 15-25 single dreads (if you want to braid quite a bit). But it can also be 25 DE or 40 SE to completely braid the back of the head. For FULL braiding, I recommend 50 double ended dreads or 80-100 single ended dreads. OPTIONS in the "PIECES & TYPE" option, you can select the type of dreadlocks you need (DE or SE dreads) & the amount. If you want long dreadlocks or short dreadlocks (not the same as in the lot) - write to me! I'll be happy to create custom dreadlocks. in the option "COLOR" you can select the desired color dreads. Select "AS PHOTO" or another color from the list. If the desired color is not in the list or you want several different colors of dreadlocks in the dread set, write to us. Our palette has a huge number of colors. All color transitions & ombre dreads are done manually & can also be any. ADDITIONALLY All dreadlocks in the same technique you can see in the section "crochet dreads textured" following the link. Any colour:§ion_id=30798002 in our store you can order designer jewelry for your dreadlocks. Look in the "dreads accessories" section at the link Dreadlocks are made of synthetic material kanekalon More photos & videos in my INSTAGRAM @your_studio32 ATTENTION! No one in our workshop ever smokes! Also the workshop is free from other sharp & strong smells. There are no animals in our workshop. Do not heat above 60 o C/ 140 F As these are not factory manufactured all measurements are approximate & will vary slightly. The color of the product on the photo may differ from the real one due to color distortion of the display! The photo shows an example of work. Precise redialing is not possible. For more details, contact us! All dreads require to treat them delicately! Dreadlocks belong to hair accessories (i.e., intimate goods) & are not exchangeable



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