Cherubim - Printed Obsession D&d Dungeons & Dragons/Pathfinder Tabletop Miniature Monster
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This terrifying & strange angel floats down from the heavens. Possibly they have a message to tell the party, or maybe have some sort of divine fury against them! Model Size: This model is roughly 1.5" 39.7mm wide by 5.1" (131.4mm) thick by 2.9" 74.7mm tall. What's included: Selected Miniature, 40mm stand, & x1 (one) 50mm base (based on size of the model) included per miniature bought. Included base(s) will be specified in each listing. Model may not stand upright without a base. Material: 4K 3D Printed EPAX Hard Grey Resin for high detail. Any of our 3D printed miniatures may still contain residual supports/marks/imperfections from printing, & may some sanding down. We hand inspect each before shipment to ensure quality, however. Model does not come primed or painted. How we print: We use ELEGOO Saturn 4K 3D resin printers using EPAX Hard Grey Resin for miniatures, & ELEGOO brand resin for bases. All items that are used for scale are not included in this purchase. Items for scale in photographs not included are die, ruler & copies of the original item but shown with variations (if the model comes with a selection, please choose from the drop down menu number according to the pictured miniature model). Some photographs include a blue substance called blu tac, which is just how we are able to show how the parts fit together in the demo photograph. Blu tac not included, & we recommend Green-Stuff & super glue for assembling minis both to their bases & to each other if there are parts. If you are unsure of what exactly you are receiving for the price or have any questions about any listing, please contact us prior to ordering. If you would like a custom size, feel free to contact us & we can let you know if it is possible. If you have any issues with the order, please contact us & we will make things right. We would love to see pictures of them in use in your games! Thank you for your support from us at Colgi Miniatures! Source: This company is licensed to sell the source models, which are amazingly designed & copyrighted to Printed Obsession. To support their work & see their kickstarters sets of 3D models please visit their Patreon for the source STL print files, as well as MyMiniFactory There also may be more options for files than listed here. If there is an item from their work that you do not see on our store page, feel free to message as we likely can print it as well! Cherubim - Printed Obsession D&d Dungeons & Dragons/Pathfinder Tabletop Miniature Monster



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