Girasol Quartz Heart, Moon Quartz, Gq11/2, Super Clear, Rose Palm Stone, Stone
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I'm so excited to offer this lovely polished Moon Quartz or Girasol Quartz heart. I was not familiar with Girasol Quartz until fairly recently, but once I discovered it, I was completely fascinated with these beautiful crystals. They have a gentle, loving energy. I sleep with one beneath my pillow every night, & when I'm stressed, holding a moon quartz during meditation always brings a sense of calm. This heart weighs 4.9 ounces & measures 2.4 x 2.3 x 1.1". I've meditated several times with this heart. It has a very calming, peaceful, loving energy. It helped me relax very easily. The moon quartz heart is beautifully polished, very smooth to the touch, has excellent clarity, & is a great size to hold. Please note: These are natural crystals. As such, they will show the imperfections with which Mother Nature created them. GIRASOL OR MOON QUARTZ Girasol ("jir-uh-saul" or "jir-uh-soul") is a clear, milky white, or extremely pale pink variety of quartz. The word comes from the Italian girasole, "turn towards the Sun", & originally referred to a milky blue glass first produced in Venice during the Renaissance. The term in geology describes any mineral that displays the girasol effect: either an internal floating glow that moves with changes in the light, often white, blue, or golden yellow in color, or a haziness produced by scattered light instead. Varieties of opal, moonstone, & sapphire are the best known examples. Their resemblance to girasol quartz explains some of its other trade names: moon quartz, blue opal quartz, & girasol opal quartz. Unfortunately this also leads to confusion among them, especially girasol opal & girasol quartz. While girasol refers to several minerals, this optical effect is specifically called adularescence ("adj-uh-luhr-ess-ence") in moonstone. It comes from the word adularia, after a Swiss location where stones with the effect are found. How are girasol quartz & rose quartz related? Girasol quartz comes from the same mines that produce star rose quartz. It can appear pink, especially on a white surface, sometimes smoky, & may be starred itself. Polished gems can display a star shaped sheen on their surface if they contain fibers of another mineral, typically rutile. Recent research suggests not only the star effect, but the color, cloudiness, & small crystal size of most rose quartz are instead due to a previously unknown variety of pink dumortierite. These fibers are so small, they are only visible with a scanning electron microscope. These inclusions produce the opalescence & girasol effect in girasol quartz. Star sapphire & girasol sapphire are related in the same way, although rutile is responsible. Because of this connection to star rose quartz, girasol quartz is also known as white rose quartz or white star quartz. QUARTZ Quartz is the most versatile crystal on Mother Earth. It can be water clear, or it can have bubbles, inclusions of other minerals, or veils that shimmer in the light. Some crystals have tiny



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