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Up for grabs is six lbs. of pure Vermont maple candy made from none other than 100% pure Grade A Vermont maple syrup Absolutely, nothing added! ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC by nature. Most of the candies are shaped like a maple leaf although you may get a variety of shapes & sizes in your package, depending on which ones broke up. Every batch we do, we get some "bumps & bruises". Some are a little bit soft, some broken & even a few "bigger" ones. Still the great taste but may not look perfect. A great way to have great candy at a very affordable price! I can not guarantee how many pieces you will get in this box but you will get a full pound. If you are looking for a certain number of pieces you will need to buy the "good" candies & let me know what you need. WHY our candy vs. another? I dare you to buy some from the store then taste ours. in the store, (and some on Etsy) they dip each maple candy in a crystalline coating so it lasts for months. When they dip the candy in this crystalline coating, it makes the candy dry & gritty. Our candy IS NOT coated, so it will MELT in YOUR MOUTH. It has a 2 week shelf life; although with refrigeration it will last for 1-2 months. If you've ever tried it, then you already know what we're talking about when we say that maple sugar candy is one of the best candy treats you'll find anywhere. Made with 100% pure Vermont maple syrup, maple candy makes a wonderful gift for friends & family, teachers, neighbors, your postman, grandma & grandpa, co-workers, & yes, even the boss. Here's what a few people have said about our candies: raiisfun says: Arrived on time, & in great condition! They're going to be favors for my wedding but I tasted one & it was delicious!! Thank you, would definitely purchase again! "My husband likes to run, & was using "goo" or gel type energy packets. They work, but they are just sugar & chemicals. So he started using maple syrup, but that can get sticky. So I suggested using maple candies, & they really do the trick. They don't leak & get sticky. They are pre-portioned. & they really work, when he is in a race or out running & is getting exhausted, he will use the maple syrup or candies, & get a burst of stamina/energy to finish the run." Keeping the candy fresh - Our maple candy is made in small batches & shipped fresh with a 1-2 month shelf life, after which the candy is still eatable, but simply starts to harden. You can extend the shelf life by refrigerating the candy in a Zip Lock bag. I'm ALWAYS willing to ship internationally, just ask for a quote. FREE SHIPPING for US only. Have any questions? Free Shipping 6 lbs. Bumps & Bruises 100% Pure Vermont Maple Sugar Candy



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