40 Gallon Bags Of Live Moss Kit, Organic Oregon Forest Grown
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Live Moss Kit, organic Oregon Forest Grown This listing is for the equivalent of 40 one-gallon bags of seasonally dependent moss. We ship you beautiful moss, which is perfect for terrariums, aquariums, fairy gardens, office Zen Displays, vivariums, bath mats or just to line your flower pots. Use along walkways, on moss walls, in garden pathways, in bonsai, etc. Because this is of an organic nature & collected from our private forest all throughout the year, every order is unique & can be deeper/thicker/heavier than others. Your package may not look exactly like the photos. Great care is taken to ensure you receive good sized pieces, not several smaller torn pieces. We wild-find our moss from our private land; we do not buy in bulk from outside sources. This guarantees the highest quality available & fresh picked moss. This order will include 2 separate 1 Gallon bags full & may include rockcap moss, sheet moss, feather moss, cushion moss, etc. We send what we have freshest at the time of your order, & it is seasonally dependent. You will receive a nice specimen of live fresh moss. We normally ship every Wednesday & Friday, unless it is a holiday & the post office is closed. Due to the large number of orders we receive, please allow 3 business days after purchase for your order to ship. We guarantee 12 square inches of mossy surface area per 1 pack. A two pack would be 24 square-inches, etc. 40 Gallon Bags Of Live Moss Kit, Organic Oregon Forest Grown



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