Brazilian Moss Agate Polished Heart Palm Stone - You Choose
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(1) Brazilian Moss Agate Polished Heart - YOU CHOOSE! STAND NOT INCLUDED - Sizes in inches & grams - (Width / Weight) #1 - 2" / 50g #2 - 2" / 52g #3 - 2" / 52g #4 - 2" / 52g #5 - 2" / 52g #6 - 2" / 61g #7 - 2.25" / 62g #8 - 2" / 54g #9 - 2" / 71g #10 - 2.25" / 75g Agate is a common rock formation consisting of Chalcedony & Quartz. It comes in a wide variety of colors naturally & is primarily formed within volcanic & metamorphic rocks. Moss Agate is a stone known for the greenish filaments that seem to resemble creeping moss or other vegetation within & is described as a neutral & transparent Dendritic Agate. It contains sets of mineral inclusions that imitate the looks of trees, plants, & landscapes. Some Moss Agate inclusions are composed of manganese & iron oxide & are one of the most unique Agates available. It is found in India, Brazil, Uruguay, central Europe & the western United States. No two Moss Agate stones are the same, making each & every one unique. Some of these polished Moss Agate stars have natural pits, inclusions, & druzy quartz pocket. Moss Agate is considered to be the stone of new beginnings & attracting abundance into your life! in fact, since as far back as the 18th century, British farmers turned to this stone in the belief that it would attract prosperity to the land. European farmers would hang the Moss Agate stone from the branches of their trees & from the horns of their cattle, believing that this good luck talisman would bring a bountiful harvest. Moss Agate is also known as an immensely grounding stone, its hues thought to bring you back to nature no matter how far away you are. It is thought to encourage a sense of tranquillity, emotional balance & is said to be extremely helpful to those experiencing overwhelming emotions. Note: Photos are of ACTUAL stones- The one you choose is the one you will receive Follow us on Instagram: @ Amorphous_Minerals Brazilian Moss Agate Polished Heart Palm Stone - You Choose



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