Citrine Crystal Geode, Aa Grade, Deep Orange Cathedral, Large & Ethically Sourced - 24.9 Kg 54.9 lb
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Large Citrine Geode // Tall Citrine Geode // Citrine Crystal Geode // Citrine Druzy Geode Raw Citrine // Genuine Citrine // Untreated Citrine // Heated Amethyst Citrine // Merchant Crystal // Success Stone // Solar Plexus Chakra // November Birthstone // Citrine Quartz Geode // Citrine Decoration // Citrine for Feng Shui // Geode Feng Shui ▫️ Description ▫️ Wonderful from top to bottom, this Citrine Geode mixes beautiful citrine points with a gorgeous formation on a tall, slim geode format. Definitely deserving a top spot on your collection, decoration, or altar. Out of the beautiful characteristics of this specimen, we can notice the perfect points formation, with a deep orange color & medium size point structure. The quartz surrounding the points is another highlight of this specimen, bringing contrast to the specimen. The formation of the Geode is another highlight, it brings a tall & slim structure to the piece. It also has a basalt matrix preceding the citrine points growth, stunner. Please check the pictures to see more of it & feel free to message us in case you have any questions or particular request. This specimen has a Sister Geode (the same geode but the other side), take a look at this link: - & in case you want to purchase the citrine pair (both specimens), it is available here with 13% OFF: - ▫️ Large AA Quality Brazilian Citrine Geode (Heated Amethyst) ▫️ Color: Deep Orange ▫️ Quantity: 1 - The item you see is the item you get ▫️ Size: 24.9 Kg - 54.9 lb 480 mm. - 18.9 in. Tall 240 mm. - 9.4 in. Wide 150 mm. - 5.9 in. Deep ▫️ Amethyst Origin: Ametista do Sul - Brazil ▫️ Base: Self Standing ▫️ Crystal Chakra: Solar Plexus & Sacral ▫️ Birthstone Month: November ▫️ Ethically Sourced ▫ The E2D Crystals & Minerals Mission: It's been a long journey to bring you the best quality Minerals & Crystals from Brazil while making sure that every item we sell was ethically sourced. We are proud to announce that all the Crystals & Minerals we showcase here were sourced from only small miners & lapidaries. This gives them the opportunity to have better selling prices, leading the path for the development of the whole supply chain, specially for the ones who need more, the miners. ➡ For More Fantastic Geodes, click here: ➡ Check other amazing gemstones at our Etsy shop: ➡ For the best Crystals, visit our Insta Citrine Crystal Geode, Aa Grade, Deep Orange Cathedral, Large & Ethically Sourced - 24.9 Kg 54.9 lb



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