Double 12 Travel Domino Playing Cards - Mexican Train Lightweight Mini Dominoes Pocket Set
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Our travel-sized version of Double 12 dominoes uses the most efficient material for travel size & weight: playing cards! Our domino-size playing cards are 1/4 size versions of playing cards, which is very nearly the same size as domino tiles. We love this size because they're just like dominoes, & they couldn't be more compact & lightweight for travelers. Poker size size cards are the same as a standard deck of playing cards. Easy to shuffle & easy to hold, they work for tabletop dominoes because of our unique corner numbers. Completely hand-drawn, the full-color set features a unique pip color for each domino value (1-12) for faster recognition & innovative corner numbers for viewing all the dominoes fanned out in one hand. 2-10 Players. Can be turned into Double 9 or Double 6 dominoes simply by removing the higher-numbered cards. "Mexican Train" is one of our customers' favorite games & this set was designed specially for this game, with 10 train cards, a "quick start guide" with how many cards to deal how many players, & a link to complete rules of play & a free printable scoresheet ( During prototyping & testing, we carefully tested several sizes & styles of material to end up with just the right material & size for these dominoes. The thin, FSC-certified card stock provides the best table action for dominoes: they don't glide across the table with air-cushioned ease (a feature you want in regular playing cards but not with domino cards!) & the thinner material is easier to pick up & put down into domino formations. Because a double 12 set requires 91 tiles, the total size & weight is the more efficient & cost effective than wood or leather tiles. For shuffling, we find the domino-sized cards are easier & faster to flip over than traditional domino tiles. Shuffle them just like you do with tiles: turn facedown & swirl around the table, "Monaco style" (learn more: INCLUDES: 91 domino cards (from 0/0 to 12/12), 10 train cards, 4 blank replacement cards, & 1 Mexican Train "quick start guide" with link to full rules of play in carrying tuck box (that can be also used as a train hub!). HOW TO PLAY DOMINOES: Double 12, Mexican Train, & other Domino game Rules of Play & scoresheet are posted online: DIMENSIONS: - Domino-Size: Cards: 1.25" x 1.75" (32mm x 45mm) about 1/4 the size of a standard deck Tuck Box: 1.75" x 1.25" x 1.25" (45mm x 32mm x 32mm) Weight: 1.5 oz (42.5g). - Poker Size: Cards: 2.5" x 3.5" (63.5mm x 89mm) same as a standard playing card deck Tuck Box: 2.625" x 3.625" x 1.25" (65mm x 90mm x 32.5mm). Weight: 5.9 oz (169g) MATERIALS: Cards are made from FSC-certified card stock & come in a 100% recycled paper tuck box. MANUFACTURING PARTNER: The cards are printed by a major playing card manufacturer in Hong Kong capable of printing quarter-size decks & boxes accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council™.



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