Varsity Font Q Silicone Freshie Mold - Car Resin Candle Soap Aroma Bead
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Varsity Font Q Silicone Freshie Mold - Silicone Mold - Car Freshie Mold - Resin Mold - Candle Mold - Soap Mold - Aroma Bead Mold Our handmade silicone car freshie molds are intended for use with aroma beads to make car air fresheners called freshies. We take great care to ensure our molds work well for making freshies, so they are not too thick which could cause uneven baking for that use. For that reason, our freshie molds are not designed to work with dense liquids. If you plan to use resin, wax, soap or anything else like plaster or concrete in our molds, please choose the resin/wax/soap option. Our guarantee does not cover anything other than the intended use of the mold ordered. We do not recommend our molds for use with bath bombs as the resin option may still not be sturdy enough to work well for that purpose. All of our silicone molds are handmade & most of our designs are produced in 3d printed master molds; due to the nature of 3d printing, some 3d printed layer lines may be visible in the mold & on a finished object produced with our molds. Unless otherwise specified, our molds have a mostly smooth surface that will leave a matte finish on your final product no matter what material you use. Molds with a solid flat bottom (with no details or indentions) are available with a shiny finish option in the purpose option on the listing. Some of our molds have inserts available for them. Inserts are flat pieces of silicone that fit in the bottom of a mold & add an impression to the front of the freshie. Our inserts are designed to fit our molds; we cannot guarantee they will work with any others. Inserts are available for any flat surface mold in a variety of patterns. If you don't see the one you want, send us a message! Inserts are not recommended for use with liquids. All of our molds are proudly made in the USA from high quality Smooth-On silicone that is tested to be oven safe up to 450℉. If ordering a mold to use with food, please choose the food-safe option. Our food-safe mold option is made with Smooth-On certified food safe silicone. A copy of the certification & the MSDS is available on request. Unless otherwise stated, all of our molds are 1" deep. To help with understanding the size of the mold & the object that the mold will produce, we have a picture of the mold & a sample freshie made from the mold as an example on a measuring mat which has lines for reference in inches. The dimensions listed on the picture are for the final product that comes out of the mold, not for the mold itself. If you are unsure of a size, we have found it to be helpful for visualization to cut a piece of paper to the approximate size of the mold. Unused molds can be exchanged for a different size at the customer's expense if the exchange is requested within 14 days of receipt of the order. Used molds cannot be exchanged or returned. If you are looking for a different size that we do not offer, please message us! We may be able to work with you to



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