Banded Lemon Calcite Hearts From Pakistan, You Pick
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Banded Lemon Calcite Hearts from Pakistan, You Pick #1: 1.8"x1.6" #2: 1.9"x1.7" #3: 1.8"x1.6" #4: 2"x1.7" #5: 2"x1.8" #6: 1.9"x1.7" #7: 2"x1.9" #8: 2.1"x2" #9: 2.1"x2" #10: 2.2"x2.1" #11: 2.2"x2.2" #12: 2.7"x2.5" Like most calcites, Lemon Banded Calcite is extremely fragile & must be handled with care. It is common for the stone to have chips & nicks around sharp edges. Slowly & unconsciously, Lemon Calcite sets us on a path of self examination, specifically diving to the depths of our motivation (or lack thereof), focus, confidence, & determination levels. This subconscious action allows one to become more aware of what it is that needs to be worked on & addressed. Over time if we do not initially confront the issues we are dealing with, they will begin to become a part of who we are. That doesn't have to be the case though & Lemon Calcite nearly makes it impossible to avoid the issues it has forced out into the open. Through deep meditation, one will be able to continuously work on these much needed traits. Focusing on these aspects can fundamentally change the person you become, as well as the course in which your heading. (Information courtesy of Please keep in mind, all crystals & gemstones are wonderfully unique & carry differing characteristics. I do what I can with photography to try to capture the true colors & characteristics of each piece, but the power of photography is limited (i.e. color variance may be possible). Banded Lemon Calcite Hearts From Pakistan, You Pick



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