Spacex Crew Helmet
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This is a 3D printed replica of the Spacex crew helmet. Item is 3D printed & features an articulating front. This particular product is shipped assembled. I also offer a cheaper version that is DIY, in which case you would perform assembly yourself. DIY options are available as well. These come with all the parts necessary & instructions to assembly the helmet yourself! Glue/epoxy/fasteners are not included. This item is not my design but was brilliantly made by Nathan over on Thingiverse (Thing #3471482) This item was also featured by adafruit: Disclaimer: Item is 3D printed so it will come with the regular defects associated with 3D printed parts. general blemishes will exist from assembly. Since item is not painted & surface finished, these will show up. pictures are not my own (until I post completed builds). Pictures come from the above linked Thingiverse post & adafruit posts. Spacex Crew Helmet



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