Unsc Gladius-Class Heavy Corvette - 1", 3", 6" Or 12" Model Fleet Battles Halo Custom Ship Vessel Hull Miniature Mini Scale
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Custom & fan-made Gladius-class Heavy Corvette - 3D Printed with high quality PLA material. "During the Human-Covenant War, the Gladius-class heavy corvette were used by UNSC Navy battle groups assigned to the Inner Colonies. As they were substantially outgunned by most Covenant warships. It's a small, slipspace-capable warship, they are 243 meters in length with a mass of 36,000 metric tons. The hull of this class are reinforced with Titanium-A armor. The Gladius-class are outfitted with an extensive sensor suite that uses a combination of laser & radar scanners for actively detecting & tracking targets, while monitoring surrounding space for anomalous energy sources." Please select your choice of 1", 3", 6" or 12" version of this model. The 1" & 3" version will be resin printed due to their small size. Resin prints are able to get very small & precise details, so it's more suitable for models in this size. Model will be sent fully assembled, no glue needed. However, the 12" version will come in a kit. If you prefer to receive the 12" complete instead, please let us know. We will assemble it for you. The models come unpainted, they can be painted & enhanced with a variety of materials to create an amazing life-like Gladius. But it looks good as-is too! ✔️ Free shipping for all orders $35+ ✔️ Please see my other listings for best price Halo ships & accessories: etsy.com/shop/3Dwitha4Kface Thank you for looking. - ABOUT 3D PRINTING: 3D printers create objects layer by layer, slowly. Think of it like an endless tube of toothpaste depositing one line at a time. During this layering, there may be minor imperfections. On some parts, layer lines are also visible. These can easily be fixed if you decide you'd like to have a more polished look on your final piece. For 3d printed models you can use filler primer such as Krylon or sprays from auto parts stores. Also consider using textured paint, flock, static grass or other products commonly used in terrain modeling for miniature models. Product pictures in our listings are always actual prints straight from our 3D printers & are representative of the quality you will receive. We strive to create models that are playable, printable, durable & of course have that "neato" factor. If there are any issues or problems with a 3D printed part that you receive from us, let us know! We want you to be happy with your items. We'll do our best to resolve any issues. Thank you! Unsc Gladius-Class Heavy Corvette - 1", 3", 6" Or 12" Model Fleet Battles Halo Custom Ship Vessel Hull Miniature Mini Scale



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